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The truth about getting a PS3

Today I got a PS3. Having brought it at 4pm and promptly bringing it home, it is 11.22pm, and I still haven’t played anything!

It is not because I haven’t tried; there is a lot of downloading involved in getting a PS3!

First it started up and wanted to download updates, then to play a racing game, it had to download and install over 1gb of game that I thought came on the game disc I brought!

All other consoles I have used, if they have ever needed updating, either allow you to choose to update later, or it is no where as bad!

This evening was planned to be trying out all the different new games but it has been nothing of the sort!

It doesn’t help that for some reason our tv has gone insane so there is currently only the BBC channels available.

Still there has been resorting to previous gaming consoles or methods, with pc or Wii usage this evening!

How stupid is that!

I hope that nothing else long winded like this happens with this silly piece of gear. I also hope it is worth the money and the weight!

So if your getting a PS3, don’t expect to play it the same day that you have brought it, or any games there after.

Wii fit plus vs Raving Rabbids- Game review

I fell in love with Wii fit and have yet to fall out of love with it (except everytime it tells me how much weight I have gained). For years I have waited for Wii fit plus to go down in price to put more fizz into using my board.

So when I brought the second hand copy from CEX and found the game was actually a disappointment, you can tell I wasn’t a happy bunny.

Compare it to Raving Rabbids, and you have a different story however, as this is a game I have been looking forward too since it first came out, struggled to find the original game for years when I could afford it. It is a great game, and tired out my poor arms due to the fun nature of it. The game really absorbs you, especially someone who adores cute like me. This then gets you putng more into winning, into losing yourself and forgeting your waving your arms madly and getting you off the sofa.

Comparing the “Kung foo” of the Wii fit to one of the dance games in the rabbids game, I know I expelled far more energy with the bundles of white fluff and its was more fun!

Yes I have only just got both games, and the wii fit set programs make it eaiser (and lazier) to focus on something in particular, and maybe there are alot of great things that will slowly come out of this game, but the inital “wow” isn’t great.

It is more like a Wii fit 1.2… and I just want to play more rabbid games…


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