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A sad farewell till the next sfx weekender


This years sfx weekender was a folly of delights, witty remarks and incredible costumes. It is sad that it has ended, but excitement already, for booking has already begun for number 4.

Having panels with Brian Blessed, Eve meryres, Sylvester Mc Coy and Colin baker does make it harder for the team to plan the awesome event for next years.

Though pointins and their staff were the cause for almost all of the issues, with little the sfx crew could do to stop! One thing is clear, the staff were slow, daft and very rude, and I feel sad that the sfx guys had to deal with them more than us.

The weekend however was incredible, and the laughs had where great.

My biggest issue? The lady dressed as a female 6th doctor, not with our group, who groped my noob. Whoever you are, make sure you don’t do this in future, as I hope the next person has the balls to report you, you sexual fend.

The reason I feel so much about this, is I have been assaulted before, so it brought back memories, but also the trust is broken. In conventions there usually seemed to be an unwritten rule of trust and respect, allowing for people to feel safe in dressing up. I wasn’t even dressed slutty however, and made it clear she was just after boobage!

But, as I must, I will look to the incredible (and avoid her in future)

So bring on mcm expo in May!

The Doctor and the little Barrowman!

Sfx is in full swing with a very who theme streaming through it. Colin Baker with stories of old doctors, his love of Matt Smith and presidency of the Dr Who fan club, he’s whoing all the avid fans.

Prior had been eve and her stories of Barrowman’s antics.

I can’t wait for the rest of the day ahead, though exhaustion has hit in the engulfing heat in the big void theater!

The train derailment and sfx

This morning a train derailed, and while it hasn’t effected the UK at all, and few know about it, sfx has been effected. Not only are some of the paid visitors not coming, nor are some of the guests. This includes the headliner Antony Stewart head.

This other than alittle disappointment, has not effected it too much (though I am greatful for a chance to have food now).

What has annoyed me is the security staff who are paying no attention to the sfx staff it seems, preceding to just be rude to the geek culture alien to them. My other gripe, biggest is lack of internet connection here, yet very clear phone signal!

Poltins are you blocking our internet in an attempt to make us pay for your WiFi?

Next year, WiFi should be free! Geeks live on internet, Twitter and non social interaction. Many didnt hear about Mr Head not coming, probably due to lack of internet that they have. Twitter last year was the form of communication, now I’m actually feeling a bit cut off from excitement occuring around the whole event.

Now to go (and fail) at the quiz. Though with no internet, i think a lot of people will be forced to play fair 🙂

Early bird sfx

I love getting the early bird sfx tickets! Not only do u have a full day to travel but an evening in the pub while it is not too busy.

After going last year as six from bsg and with the baby davros, our table full of some of the keenest cosplayers and characters was the place to be! It wasn’t though because of me and my outfits, but my friends who all are known by the sfx crew.

When roran was running around during the pub game of sharades, the sfx staff would exclaim how the infamous baby Davos had returned, beckoning him and mum to the stage!

After was when questions of costumes this year, met with mysterious replies for our Saturday cosplay. Pulling this 14 person outfit is going to be epic!

I can’t wait for the world to see it!

Now on to day one of the event with likes of Brian blessed, Antony head Stewart and Sylvester Mc coy. Yay!

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