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How fair really is reality tv?

I never vote on any reality tv, nor have a tendency to watch or enjoy it. I do however watch dancing on ice for the skating and outfits.

There is nothing better than an hour or so sketching outfits based on often great designs with ice skating in between.

What I am always shocked about though when watching this show and the others I am forced to watch by family members, is the manipulation they all do.

This evening on dancing on I’ve a member of Corry, not sure who, Adam or Andy I think, received 19 points. As the current worst skater, who has bad core stability, no finishing on his moves and numerous wobbles, got higher marks than a sugarbabe. Her basics from posture, basic forward movement, tricks, dancing and finish all top him. Yes there was two wobbles too, but how did she have lower marks?

The audience of Corry is the type of demographic more likely to vote, so this terrible “skater” has never been in the bottom few. While this was fine in previous weeks, there is a monetary reason to be nice to this guy to keep him in, right? Funny how the wobbles, early steps on the ice, no finish and unreasonable high marks appeared.

Then there is the sudden change in the female judges attitude to scoring. She suddenly was scoring harshly on most people, while in previous weeks has been overly giving them out. I think someone might have had a little telling off.

Through the years I have seen many occasion where the audience is being manipulated, with the order of those singing, skating or dancing having a bigger effect than you may think!

I remember a few years ago brig forced to watch strictly where it was obvious a female celebrity had had enough. She even said it in her segment but she couldn’t just drop out as people had voted her to stay.

Her costume had an obvious last minute change to add terrible frills, judges made nice comments after weeks of terrible ones and there was nothing great to deserve those comments.
The terrible costume, place to dance in the episode, judges treatment (so she no longer appeared as the underdog against the mean judges) and other comments stopped people feeling the desire to vote for her. Their underdog no longer existed.

Now while that sort of arrangement is understandable to save the celeb and show face, tonights was not.

It was obvious and clear that they wanted someone with such a strong and active voting base to remain in over an ex-girl band singer whose fanbase it not as active on spending their money.

It is a shame though, as he will remain when the freerunner has had to leave.

I just wish someone from ITV reads this and decides to chuck him out as the result of this (and bring back someone who has a good core basic ability to skate, who also provides the show something different.

This is also why I don’t vote, as it is a waste of money due to the mass manipulation.


The Sopranos

3 days ago I was introduced the Sopranos after the boyfriend met the family during the Christmas holidays. The reason? Because he felt whole heartedly how much my father looks like Tony Soprano. Now he also feels like my grandad looks like Clint Eastwood… and until he mentioned it I never realised how much he really does!

So 10 minutes into the first episode not only does my dad look like Tony Soprano, but he also act like him in alot of ways! My dad is not a gangster, nor italian or american, but he does dress, sit and says certain things like the character does.

Maybe he watched the series years ago and fell in love with the character, but considering I only lived with him up until 2001, and I have alot of memories from before that… I doubt it!

So while I am loving the series, I can’t help but see my dad every so often. Before you ask, I am not Meadow!

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