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Hotel noob – premier inn vs travelodge

Though I currently haven’t slept in my premier inn, I think I already have my mind made up.

New to hotels, especially in the UK, I am new to the whole crazy world. I thought, unless getting myself into some 5* hotel, they were all the same at the basic standard.

How wrong was I!

For instance, I struggled to get into my premier hotel room, but the handy card key system at the uxbridge travelodge, which turned off the power to the whole room was so easy!

Other than the price, key card and location next to the station however, that is where the premier inn takes over.

Not only do the staff greet you with knowledge, help and assurance of a good nights sleep, but the bed is cosy (and yes I am currently curled up in it!)

Even the tv is better, with the ability to actually look at a tv guide, which has more than 7 channels!

The premier room looks so much nicer, with the bed beautifully made, curtains instead of rubbish looking blinds. The biggest difference, believe it or not was the halls however, with the travelodge halls looking almost uncleaned since it was opened 2 years ago, and a “lovely” iron make on the floor next to a suspicious white spill on the floor…

So what’s the price difference? It would depend when you were going. The travelodge varied from £30-65 during my time there, while the last minute booking at the premier inn was £56, and this was probably due to the large number of people begging for a room for the wedding I’m attending.

So while I prefer the premier inn, I will probably go back to the nasty travelodge, just because its next to uxbridge station close to a lot of uni friends! But elsewhere on my travels, I will be looking at premier first and well in advanced, to get me a nice cheap yet gorgous room.

Here’s to a good snooze tonight! And great wedding reception!

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