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Early bird sfx

I love getting the early bird sfx tickets! Not only do u have a full day to travel but an evening in the pub while it is not too busy.

After going last year as six from bsg and with the baby davros, our table full of some of the keenest cosplayers and characters was the place to be! It wasn’t though because of me and my outfits, but my friends who all are known by the sfx crew.

When roran was running around during the pub game of sharades, the sfx staff would exclaim how the infamous baby Davos had returned, beckoning him and mum to the stage!

After was when questions of costumes this year, met with mysterious replies for our Saturday cosplay. Pulling this 14 person outfit is going to be epic!

I can’t wait for the world to see it!

Now on to day one of the event with likes of Brian blessed, Antony head Stewart and Sylvester Mc coy. Yay!

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