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Tax n00b

Tax is annoying. Not the paying part, but the fact that it seems to be impossible to sort out.

Having started a job way back in September 2010, my new job even with my P45 managed to put me on a emergency tax code. It was only due to my very on the ball mum, that I knew there had been a mistake.

It is now March 2012 and this has still not be fully fixed… joy!

After yet another expensive phonecall, I have yet to get through to any one at the HMRC after 25 minutes of waiting this time. Is this how the government try to cover their bills? Put you on hold for a long time and then drive you to insanity with their annoying “musuck” and lady who repeats the same sentence of unhelpful babble every 30 seconds.

No your advice lady is not helpful, and the website does not give any help!

When I originally started trying to sort this, the lady on the other end told me I needed to go through the website, while the website told me to call them!

Their website follows a same way of looping around and around to uselessness.

I have given up, as there is no way to contact them other than this number of forever queuing, so I am going to one of their centres next week and get them to sort this out (finally).

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