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Can I go home now…

Stress is not good and its impact can be far more stretching than we know.

Today I have been at work, with many comments of “You’re not your self today” or “Are you ok?” This has all come after a very stress filled day, infact weekend, that had come before it.

I am a very fast yet good designer and worker, making sure I get everything I possibly can done. I have updated and pushed forward so many different projects during my year at my job as I am that kind of person! I can not let people down and worse, I can not let my self down with poor work!

So after redoing someone elses work in its appearence that they have worked 6 months on in 4 hours was quite a feat even for me. This though has added to the stress of the fall at the weekend, impending lack of job and Men’s Walk fast approaching! Thats right in 8 days time my mother is coming to visit my new flat and cheer on the boyfriend! And I can’t even have a relaxing bath as I don’t have one any more… I think I need an extra day off.

So stress is not good in our lives, and moving, money worries and family issues don’t help. But I will carry on, make sure I relax and have fun.

Don’t get stressed is the message at the end of the day, take lots of rests and enjoy life. Hopefully an evening of video games and chatting on the phone will have helped displace my tense period. I just have to make it to the weekend before i can be really lazy (til I stress over tidying the house)

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