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Once upon a time – Dark and colourful series

Recently I have found Once Upon a Time, a fairy tale land transported to a modern american town. The first season is a slow build up with no one believing the leading little boy Henry in who they all are. The mix of bright beautiful visuals mixed with darker undertones only occasionally appearing, mainly surrounding Ragina and Mr Gold. Even their dark characters has a glossy appearance with their terrible nature gleaming through all the more.

Come the second season and without spoiling anything thing, it has a very different flow to how the episodes run, yet this only gives the series the ability to evolve and grow stronger. It is able to take normally short and sweet children’s stories in to beautifully intertwined lives both in the “real” world and the fairy tale ones.

When you first watch OUAT you will be able to guess some characters easily, and others will grow and show their true character. Like most great series it does need some investiment but by the end of season one you will be firmly under its spell of wonderful visuals, great story telling and amazingly deep and complex characters. Good and bad lines are torn to sunder (especially in the second season) as you find the truth to what has driven them to their actions. This makes things exciting to watch as you meet new characters you don’t know which way they might ultimately sway.


While this show is clearly not for kids, it is a great show for those who are a kid at heart with its awe inspiring scenes that make you feel like a kid before finding your self reaching for a tissue with heart breaking scene. This is a great series which I fear is under rated and missed by many due to its fairy tale visuals being often so beautiful and the many Princess or heroine storylines. The female lead can’t help this image but hopefully this show will continue to grow with more and more people finding its wonderful delights.


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