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The “fun” world of job hunting

It has now been two months and I am still learning about the sordid underhanded world of job hunting. I am not a benefit “scounger” before you ask and nor have I been seeing that at all but I have been out of luck in trying to find my self a job in this crazy time.

The reason I say it is an underhanded sort of world is how there are many adverts out there for jobs that are not actually open to people like me, but for some role internally that they have to by law advertise. It makes it seem like there are double the jobs out there in this already job depleted time, making it more difficult for the real jobs and job seekers out there. 

Last week I applied for a job to Disney Interactive by e-mail as suggested in the advert only to find that my e-mail was deleted without being read. Thinking it might have been an accident on their part I sent it again only to find it deleted yet again. If they are trying to fill a position in their company they are going to fail at getting a great candidate if they delete the e-mail.

I know there are some companies that due to the number of applications have split applications in half and chucked half of them as those candidates were not “Lucky enough” but normally they have done some sort of collection of all applications first (just in case there were very few in the end)

So what do I think? That if employers are going to play the game then the government should play back, forcing them to interview at least 1 person outside of their organisation and making it completely and utterly fair for all candidates applying for a job.

Currently I feel discriminated by Disney, not based on any thing other than the fact that I currently do not work there. If it is an internal ad, keep it that way rather than dashing the hopes of job seekers and wasting their time by applying. 

It is you the tax payers that are paying for us down on our luck folks, so our time being spent on real jobs and chances is better for you and us if these false ads did not exist.

I could have easily been biased an hired a friend for a position years ago when I left a job. He was perfect for the role and was even the person who taught me the ropes of working there yet I still kept it completely and utterly fair to ensure that we really did have the best person for the role. And while we were right, there easily could have been someone better and there was even an argument among us on the panel of who to choose but he was still the best candidate for that role.

So what else is underhanded about this world, as many of you may feel like we have it easy and just sit around doing as we please. There are too many, from adverts up that have been closed, companies not getting back to you, to companies being rude when you show an interest.

I think the biggest issue though is the inconsistency of it all. My last job I was the Head of a department, running a team of 9 and even at one point 11 but now I am being told by some companies that I do not have enough experience to be an intern or junior, while other organisations tell me how I am over qualified for a Senior or middleweight designer. 

Recently I got the feedback from a Director role of how in any other circumstance I would have probably got the very high paid job, and yet currently the two jobs I am waiting to hear back from are both minimum wage as an intern and one of them is only two days a week!

Even in the interview for the intern position for two days a week I was put through the ringer of what I would be expected to do and even told that the job also would involve some voluntary work on top.

So there are companies out there that are taking advantage of desperate out of work folks who are desperate to be able to pay their bills and rent and others who aren’t giving us even a chance. Having spent spent 7.5 hours at work today you have achieved something and know that because of it, no matter what the job, you will have your paycheck at the end of it all. For me I have the same sort of day trying to search for anything that I can apply for,  filling out countless applications forms and writing too many cover letters and the chance of it amounting to anything is probably 0.01% because for the last three years since graduating I have gone from an admin assistant to a head of department through short contracts.

So tomorrow I will walk yet again to the job centre for my meeting only to probably be told to “get a job” and looked down on by all who see me go in or talk to me in there as I am seen as a lazy slouch who isn’t looking hard enough. Funny because I have probably done more than you today and will get nothing for it… Just saying!

Reality TV

I am not going to lie, but I watch Dancing on Ice. It is my flithy habit, but when I don’t have sports channels here at my flat, so I can’t watch the professionals, it gives me a chance to watch skating, with aload of breaks inbetween (I don’t watch anything but the skating).

I have though, gotten into the habit or watching the twitter channels for news and opinions, especially with Dancing on Ice or when forced to watch shows I don’t like. Tonight I was shocked at the support a guy called Andy from Corrie (i think). His skills are clearly the poorest of the whole lot, yet there are people claiming how amazing he is!

I am glad there are other people who think like me, and realise his skill is lacking, and he should leave so better skaters can stay on. I was shocked more when someone believed half of his skating votes should be based on who he is rather than on his skills!

If that’s the case I should go on, stand there and get voted through by the country for being the underdog/non-celeb and for everything I have been through. Or what about the Queen?

These shows have been designed to sucker people into voting and how they wish. But it is still shocking to see how people are really fooled into voting for poor skaters, but then I guess, they need to diffientiate between those that aren’t going to win…

Why people don’t take the bus

Since Friday I have somehow or another been in pain with my leg. Because I need to give it a rest I decided (and was told by Purpose) to take the bus to work and back.

Now I have seen some pretty good and bad bus services through all my travels, but every time there is a bad service (only everywhere outside of London it seems), I still can’t help but think “this is why no one rides the bus!”.

To get home today, though leaving the office at the same time, is going to take at least an hour more than walking! Now you can see why the 30 walk has been my option all week. To further put it into context, this trip, which on my push scooter take 15 minutes door to door, costs me £3.50.

I can’t help but feel revolted that because I am injured that it should take so long nor cost so much! But because of poor service, vital routes are stopped so you don’t have to take 2 buses to get every where in a small town, and costs so much.

I have seen though in the past a 10 mile journey take 2 1/2 hours and only possible in one direction, leaving me stuck!

I have had enough though! With such fantastic service in London, I just want to demand the driver take me straight home every time. I am paying enough for it to warrant a door to door service, so why not?

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