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What people send in

Today I judged the calendar competition for work. It’s a postcodes of the area type contest.

We got roundabouts, foxes, places out of the area, and motorways as some of the unusual photos sent in. It makes you wonder what people send in as well, as many that were just random snaps.

Next year I won’t be judging the competition, so I’ll be able to take part, maybe even get in to the finalist.

I am slowly seeing that while I am not a professional photographer, I can take a decent shot when I want to!

Maybe this is when I start my random exploring of Devon, but with my camera and purpose this time!

It also means I can see how I am not a complete n00b at taking photos! (though I still suck at landscapes…)

On the way to sfx weekender


Today I am making the long yet very worth while journey to Wales for the sfx weekender. And as I do, the hills are already turning white.

While last year was a rainy affair, this one sets to be cold and white! Even if it is only for the journey.

And this is why I sometimes love going by train, seeing a snapshot of a rural picture that still does exist in England. There are people you meet and just the chance to drift off.

This trip is particularly existing because my friends are at the other end, with a fun packed weekend of geeky pleasure. It might also be for the stuffed elephant in my bag…

I’ll explain, where I work they have an elephant that has its picture taken with celebrities who usually visit Devon. I’m taking her however to meet a more geeky set of celebs, hoping to bring in a different, yet enormous audience.

There’s not many people that can say that they try to increase a charities awareness with a stuffed elephant!

So the likes of Brian Blessed, Sylvester Mc coy and Antony Head Stewart await! Hopefully I’ll have there snaps with the stiffed toy hiding in my bag…

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