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No longer the new person in the office

There comes that time when after starting a new job you realise you are not the n00b anymore. Today, after 8 months of being in the role I realised “Wow, everyone seems me as knowing everything possible there is to know about this job, and expect me to give them an answer!”

Now while I have had staff treat me like this before, other new staff from other departments, I have never really felt as confident in the knowledge that I could and then did give the answer I knew to be perfectly correct.

So why did this occur? It came about with a new member of staff joining the very small department that is the comms team. Having been in a team of two which felt more like me and someone sometimes doing a day or so a week, I not only have to impart knowledge about the office, but also the joys of comms in specific terms.

Hence the feeling looked up to in someway to how I understand the department. Ah the joys of growing up! It is also proof of this extremely amazing contract soon coming to an end and the sadness that is searching for a job in this unstable climate.

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