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Not what I asked for

Tonight I went out for dinner at the waterfront. The food was great, with a great range of yummy dishes awaiting to be eating. That us what happened though; we waited for over 20 minutes to be asked what we wanted to drink. It was different for the couple that turned up 15 minutes after us, as they were served straight away.

This was not upsetting as it just became more a game to try and catch their attention as they disappeared.

I do not like milk chocolate but I do like white chocolate. There are few desserts that I can eat because of this. So you can probably understand my excitement when I saw that there was white chocolate porfitoroles on the menu. You can probably understand my sadness when these white balls of yum came out smothered in milk chocolate sauce.

I stood my ground and asked for one not with milk chocolate and thought I had my way till I opened up the little ball… It was full of milk chocolate cream! Why call it white chocolate when 90% of the chocolate was milk!

After trying it and it being vile, I was seen by the same waitress dish push forward, and me looking like “a kid who had been told Santa had died just before Christmas” apparently. After a few minutes of trying to get me to try a another dish (making it my 3rd dessert attempt) we managed to escape, but it still annoys me.

I was so happy to see that and it was an utter disappointment and dad ending to the night.

Not only did it take forever to get served, but the waitress didn’t know what was in the dishes she was serving…

Hopefully the next resturant outing will go better!

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