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N00b vs newbie

I have always thought that a N00b and a newbie were the same or a very similar thing, yet I am quickly finding this is not the case.

There seems to be a difference in maturity in the two, and while I thought I was a N00b in terms of being a geek, I am not. Really I am a newbie as I have the unexperience yet strive to push my self.

I am not actually a n00b, who is perceived as annoying and a problem to those in the gaming and geeky world. This seems in fact a term for those who seem to think they are amazing… yet are not!

See I clearly know I am rubbish and still learning alot at everything… so I should be happy about that!

Shame it makes my name now seem silly… I guess it does show how much of a newbie I am at all of this!

How not to play League of Legends – Part 3 – Morgana

Having watched many a game of League of Legends, I have come across Morgana a number of times with her big black pool of evil. She is such a fierce character, it is quite scary as a newbie playing her.

As the third champion I played, it was so scary and difficult, but my confusion between the left and right button was my main downfall here. The whole game was a blur of panic!

She is a great and powerful character, when played correctly; shame I can’t. So much a blur, I can’t even remember what button did what for her!

So how not to play her? Like me running around and right under towers or into towers, or not paying attention to bushes where it seemed the enemy constantly jump out of! Also be warned that once experienced gamers know your a n00b, run! They just know to pick on you to get kills or “fed” as they call it.

Remember to be good and “gg” or “good game” at the end, and don’t whine or swear; you’ll get reported so be nice!


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