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N00b vs newbie

I have always thought that a N00b and a newbie were the same or a very similar thing, yet I am quickly finding this is not the case.

There seems to be a difference in maturity in the two, and while I thought I was a N00b in terms of being a geek, I am not. Really I am a newbie as I have the unexperience yet strive to push my self.

I am not actually a n00b, who is perceived as annoying and a problem to those in the gaming and geeky world. This seems in fact a term for those who seem to think they are amazing… yet are not!

See I clearly know I am rubbish and still learning alot at everything… so I should be happy about that!

Shame it makes my name now seem silly… I guess it does show how much of a newbie I am at all of this!

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