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Playing LuLu

Lulu is the new support in League of Legends that has finally been released and I can’t play her!

There are two reasons for this; the first of which involves a bad wrist and a trip to the hospital and the second is because of my playing style.

Well I say playing style, more like lack of skill! This is not a support for a Newbie to the game as she does not have a heal and has a very skillful talent to play her effectively.

Having watched Purpose playing her for acouple of time, it is possible to be agressive, but the ability to carry a game is not great!

Her cute way of turning players into a squirrel is a great way of protecting yourself, but is short so blink and you’ll miss it at first. I did!

So if you like a character with alot of actions to do, is an interesting and new support, then this is the character for you! If you’re like me, struggling to do multi tasks and complex tasks with no good heal, avoid however how cute!

Shame; she is cute!

Why does everything have to be in London!

I have a new man, new flat and now I’m going to need ato begin the job hunt with my contract coming to an end.

This is the difficulty how now that I have met someone, finding a job near him that does design is proving to be difficult with everything in London! On alot of the creative and normal recruitment websites, all of the jobs I want are in London or near by. Even though most of the population are still scattered throughout the UK, there seems to be a focus on London in terms of new jobs.

I hope that I will be able to come across a good job near Exeter soon!

I remember wanting a job in London when I first graduated, yet now I love the ability to walk down my street on my own at night, or see beautiful views of the countryside in the distance as I walk to work. I do miss the ability to get food at any time at night, or see any show, or even randomly  getting lost in random parts of London.  Shopping in London is incredible, with the chance to buy anything you want, from rock gear to disney plushes.

I love the safety of Exeter, but wish it had more going on here than it does, a chance to go to a chippy at 7pm at night and find it open (and I am not joking here!)

No longer the new person in the office

There comes that time when after starting a new job you realise you are not the n00b anymore. Today, after 8 months of being in the role I realised “Wow, everyone seems me as knowing everything possible there is to know about this job, and expect me to give them an answer!”

Now while I have had staff treat me like this before, other new staff from other departments, I have never really felt as confident in the knowledge that I could and then did give the answer I knew to be perfectly correct.

So why did this occur? It came about with a new member of staff joining the very small department that is the comms team. Having been in a team of two which felt more like me and someone sometimes doing a day or so a week, I not only have to impart knowledge about the office, but also the joys of comms in specific terms.

Hence the feeling looked up to in someway to how I understand the department. Ah the joys of growing up! It is also proof of this extremely amazing contract soon coming to an end and the sadness that is searching for a job in this unstable climate.

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