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Pancake day

Today is pancake day! Yummy! But I don’t have a problem giving up sugar, sweets, alcohol or drugs; so what do I give up?

I am going to try and be healthier, fitter and smarter. Let’s see how long this lasts!

Last time I took part in lent, I gave up buying myself sweets as I had a bad habit of buying but then not eating them.

It worked so much better than new years, so why? Is it the idea that “Its only for 40 days! I should at least manage that!” After that we get used to doing or not doing with something in our life.

So this is why this lent I am doing more of the healthy stuff, but I should also catch up with all my blogging from the move.

Hopefully it means more blogging and a skinner me 😀

How not to play League of Legends – Part 4 – Soraka

As someone who can’t aim on moving targets that well, especially a vast number of moving targets, a nice wide attack seems a great plan for a n00b like me. Well after a game playing Ashe (for a 3rd time) and having enough points, Purpose suggested playing Soraka.

As a healing character, who can be a great support, it would be a great way to ease into the game.

First time after buying her though, having not be told by Purpose to be passive instead of jumping right in and wondering why my attacking power was so low, I sucked.

Yes you can play her as an agressive character, but you have to build her that way by starting with Q and choosing other items to build her that way. My first game was full of stress, putting me off the role of support (though at a very low ranking futile I know but you have to learn somewhere). After my second and third game, finally knowing to be passive, I really got into the character! Being able to learn to hover around character, healing them and quickly running away then back again.

Getting basic boots then better boots really did make a difference! Being able to run fast is a good thing! Bushes and running are your friend in this role.

So how do you not play Soraka? Well like me, getting killed, hitting the minions with the heal or silences rather than the characters, and button bashing!

Yes I am a button basher when it comes to games like Tekken and Super Smash Bros Brawl! Do not button bash with this game! It just wastes your good powers at the wrong times. Don’t mix up your numbers and letters… as I kept doing. You might then wonder why its doin g nothing!

Keep your hand still as a noob and only move it if you know you are going to go straight back to the correct part of the keyboard.

I really do like Soraka, and will unfortunately be annoying people with my terrible playing! Sorry 😦

The internet arrives

Having set a target to have 365 posts this year, moving so soon at the start of the year has already created a bit of a hiccup! Having finally got the internet and my computer set back up, I am able to now get posting again. There is so much now to blog about, which is lucky with 8 blogs to do!

It does however show a few things; how now not having a connection can cut our ties we have created, how moving isn’t just a day but a period waiting for all to arrive or get sorted (including the internet) but also how easy it  can be to break new years resolutions!

So I hope you wil continue to follow me in the pursuit of 365 blog posts this year!

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