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Monsters inc. 2 aka Monsters University

I’m a massive Disney fan! I adore the films, theme parks and series that come out of the animation and Pixar studios. Brave currently is hitting our cinema screens but only recently were we graced with another exciting clip… from Monsters University (also known as Monsters Inc. 2)

I loved the original, Monsters Inc. with its smart yet also youthful humour twisting everything we were brought up believing concerning Monsters. The only thing close to this for me growing up was Fugus the Bogieman.

The relationship between Mike and Sulley made the film so the sneak peak shows them at “war” in college and how they came together, possible with hints or snatches of characters we know and love in the original.

I can’t wait to see how it goes, though I am hoping it won’t be too much like “wicked”, though we all know the adult audience is similar.


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