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The internet arrives

Having set a target to have 365 posts this year, moving so soon at the start of the year has already created a bit of a hiccup! Having finally got the internet and my computer set back up, I am able to now get posting again. There is so much now to blog about, which is lucky with 8 blogs to do!

It does however show a few things; how now not having a connection can cut our ties we have created, how moving isn’t just a day but a period waiting for all to arrive or get sorted (including the internet) but also how easy it  can be to break new years resolutions!

So I hope you wil continue to follow me in the pursuit of 365 blog posts this year!

Moving today!

So today I pack and I have the final yet most important thing to pack left… my computer!

So here goes!

But it does make us wonder, how much life and priorities have changed in the last 10 years that our phones and computers are now sop important to us!

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