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So many typos!

Yesterday I launched the brand new Men’s Walk for Hospiscare with almost the whole day going off without a hitch after months of trying to plan and sort the day.

Yet there was one thing I forgot to plan for in my communication role… the frequency of typos in all the social media pieces done through the day.

With the Hospice recently getting Netspark to help with the admin of events, the plan was for the Netspark to work as the sign up section, with the registration form and payment handled. Unfortunatly due to a number of delays and illness within the office the sign up had to fall into my hands, leading to mistake number two – forgetting to change the sign up fee after testing the page worked.


When launching an event remember the following:-

1. Sort out all your social media gluff with tweetdeck before hand to automatically send out tweets and facebook messages as you make the site go live

2. Remember to change the test amount if it involves money back to the full price

3. Make sure you have a great PR person on hand (we had Mark Astley, previously editor of the Express and Echo) who can get it on the front page of certain websites and mentioned on the local radio!

4. Plan plan and plan some more!

5. Plan as if plan b is plan a, as with me it constantly appears to be the case!

6. Get all the SEO and website searching stuff up and running beforehand! Its going to take a while now before it turns up in google, bing or other search engines!

7. Except that for the next day or so you will be fixing everything you got wrong on the launch day!

and 8. most importantly of all, get a friend or collegue to check that any sign up system online works (and that you haven’t set the price by accident to £1…)

So here’s to a great event! There’s already alot of buzz and I have certainly made my mark in terms of the design, look and feel of the event!

Will you be going?


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