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Team Fortress 2 – Meet the pyro

Last year I found out about the “meet the…” videos from Team Fortress 2. I quickly downloaded the game on to my computer at which point it crashed and I forgot all about the game due to a very poor internet connection. Now at a new house with a lot better internet (thank you Virgin) I am back playing video games via Steam including Team Fortress 2.

While that may seem boring to you, it means I have a buzz for this game just as the final “meet the…” comes out. As a complete and utter rubbish gamer – though I love playing them – I adore playing the Pyro so it seems fitting.


The video is great, playing on the “him/her” debate and also showing a side you had never seen before! I love how the character thinks they are helping others in a land of unicorns and rainbows.

So do you think the Pyro is a girl or guy? As the music clearly has “Do you believe in magic, in a young girls heart” with only the Scout saying “him” through the whole film as others call out monster.


The only thing we do know, Pyro is crazy!

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