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Why people don’t take the bus

Since Friday I have somehow or another been in pain with my leg. Because I need to give it a rest I decided (and was told by Purpose) to take the bus to work and back.

Now I have seen some pretty good and bad bus services through all my travels, but every time there is a bad service (only everywhere outside of London it seems), I still can’t help but think “this is why no one rides the bus!”.

To get home today, though leaving the office at the same time, is going to take at least an hour more than walking! Now you can see why the 30 walk has been my option all week. To further put it into context, this trip, which on my push scooter take 15 minutes door to door, costs me £3.50.

I can’t help but feel revolted that because I am injured that it should take so long nor cost so much! But because of poor service, vital routes are stopped so you don’t have to take 2 buses to get every where in a small town, and costs so much.

I have seen though in the past a 10 mile journey take 2 1/2 hours and only possible in one direction, leaving me stuck!

I have had enough though! With such fantastic service in London, I just want to demand the driver take me straight home every time. I am paying enough for it to warrant a door to door service, so why not?

Why does everything have to be in London!

I have a new man, new flat and now I’m going to need ato begin the job hunt with my contract coming to an end.

This is the difficulty how now that I have met someone, finding a job near him that does design is proving to be difficult with everything in London! On alot of the creative and normal recruitment websites, all of the jobs I want are in London or near by. Even though most of the population are still scattered throughout the UK, there seems to be a focus on London in terms of new jobs.

I hope that I will be able to come across a good job near Exeter soon!

I remember wanting a job in London when I first graduated, yet now I love the ability to walk down my street on my own at night, or see beautiful views of the countryside in the distance as I walk to work. I do miss the ability to get food at any time at night, or see any show, or even randomly  getting lost in random parts of London.  Shopping in London is incredible, with the chance to buy anything you want, from rock gear to disney plushes.

I love the safety of Exeter, but wish it had more going on here than it does, a chance to go to a chippy at 7pm at night and find it open (and I am not joking here!)

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