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Questions about society

Since moving to Exeter, as well as seeing the good in people, I have come across the pure evil that is in society.

Moving the final items out of my old flat, I talked to my nice Romanian and found the terrible conditions throughout her life she has been subjected to.

From this convosation I found out that not only am I lucky to be born and raised british, but that I have been in extremely loverly companies.

Leaving her four year old back in Romania, my housemate moved to England to try and more money so she could afford a better education for her daughter. All of this so she can have a better life. It is shocking to here that 12 years of being a medical assistant, and she was still struggling just to survive from month to month with the basic needs fulfilled for her daughter. With no support from the father, she has to provide enough money to pay for her living in England, her daughter and her mother.

Her job promised that the first month of rent would be free, but 9am the morning of the 28th day in the house, she was told she had till 5pm to be out of the property, and she still had all her shifts to do that day. With no where to live or sleep that night she had to not only deal with her shifts, intensively dealing with others needs, but also find somewhere to sleep. For a few hours she was made homeless by her employees. If it wasn’t for a room being empty in our house, and knowing one of my other housemates, she could have been sleeping on the streets.

How can this be happening? Is there nothing in place that should be stopping this?

I have been shocked how many people, especially forgiegn, are not aware of the laws that protect us, such as the deposit scheme. How many people still do things that are illegal and don’t realise! Did you know that you can not do a £4 for 5 £1 raffle tickets? Or that you need to have a food higene certificate to sell food you have made, even at car boots?

What I do know is that my housemate, if she could have her way, would have her daughter over in England for a better life. What I was shocked about, from this normally understanding and caring person, was her attitude towards the growing numbers England is already dealing with from an existing British population.

I guess when someone is willing to leave their country and daughter to give them a better life, they are uncaring towards people’s children who are orginally from what seems to them a paradise. “Why care about the pressures on the education system from othersn, as long as my child gets a good education” attitudes are normal I guess. But it seems have thast attitude.

“Its ok, as long as it doesn’t effect me!” seems to be what I come across alot. People don’t care about charities it seems until it effects them.

So where have all the caring people gone? Why can companies get away with kicking people out onto the streets? Or try to get them to work illegally? Or not give them the expenses that they deserve?

I work for a good charity, and though they still have not told me what is happening once my current contract ends, they are great for supporting their staff when sick, ill, or homeless. They did all they could to help me find somewhere to live before I even started working for them!

I am lucky, but hopefully more people will see that they are too, and help their fellow man who isn’t.


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