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Undomesticated Goddess – Part 1 – Why I am starting Undomestic Goddess

In the last year I have fallen in love with cooking, baking and sewing so I have decided to start writing about it. I am still very new to it all still so there is a lot for me to learn a long the way.

I have always been curvy since I was 14, so I have always struggled to find clothes that properly fit. At one point I had a size 6 waist and a size 14 bust… you can imagine the Jessica Rabbit shape made me popular with certain people! On top of this, I am a super taster, so I have more taste buds than normal people. At 14 I was curvy and found out why it was so difficult to find food I could eat.

Now over 10 years on, I have been able to explore food and sewing again now that my life has settled down, and it is fantastic! As there is so much I am learning with each bake, cook and sewing project, I thought that I would share this with everyone.

I have struggled to find healthy food that super tasters can eat, so I will also be creating a super taster recipe series for those who are looking to eat well but struggle with the overly flavoured healthy options.

I really hope that you follow me on this adventure, and I would love to hear about your sewing projects and dishes!

End of the month yet so far behind

It is only the 28th January and I am already about 7 blogs behind! Moving really did put a spanner in the works and now I am really having to make up for it.

That is the thing with new years resolutions, you make them when it is so easy to keep them as it is the holidays; then life begins again. When you have being ill, or being too busy, looking for a new place to live or new job, that little new years resolution just drops off the list.

But why do we still make them when we know every year we are going to break them? Because every so often someone manages to keep it and make a long term change and we continue to hope for change.

What is life without hope anyway but a sad and upsetting existance. Even in greek methology we have pandora’s box. That is why I have a happy outlook on life, because I have hope and faith at the centre of it all.

Yes I have a religious based faith, but I also have a faith in mankind to do what is good and right at the end of the day. For everyone at some point to show some compassion to their fellow man.

So here is to my hope of me catching up, and keeping my resolution! I will have plenty to blog about when I come back from SFX Weekender!

So have some hope, if nothing else today, I think your wonderful 😀

Moving today!

So today I pack and I have the final yet most important thing to pack left… my computer!

So here goes!

But it does make us wonder, how much life and priorities have changed in the last 10 years that our phones and computers are now sop important to us!

The real cost of moving

Having found somewhere to move into that’s affordable each month and a great place, I am now dealing with the pre-move costs which at uni did not exist so high when moving.

First of there is the rent, the deposit but then you have the reference check payment and the estate agent costs! But what about the moving man fees or packing materials?

Moving seems to have so many added costs and due to this I am broke! Hopefully nothing happens that wants me paying it 😦 as they will have to wai otherwise.

The moral of the story; don’t move so fast and save up for the move! (or get a credit card just for that month!)

No longer the new person in the office

There comes that time when after starting a new job you realise you are not the n00b anymore. Today, after 8 months of being in the role I realised “Wow, everyone seems me as knowing everything possible there is to know about this job, and expect me to give them an answer!”

Now while I have had staff treat me like this before, other new staff from other departments, I have never really felt as confident in the knowledge that I could and then did give the answer I knew to be perfectly correct.

So why did this occur? It came about with a new member of staff joining the very small department that is the comms team. Having been in a team of two which felt more like me and someone sometimes doing a day or so a week, I not only have to impart knowledge about the office, but also the joys of comms in specific terms.

Hence the feeling looked up to in someway to how I understand the department. Ah the joys of growing up! It is also proof of this extremely amazing contract soon coming to an end and the sadness that is searching for a job in this unstable climate.

Hotel noob – premier inn vs travelodge

Though I currently haven’t slept in my premier inn, I think I already have my mind made up.

New to hotels, especially in the UK, I am new to the whole crazy world. I thought, unless getting myself into some 5* hotel, they were all the same at the basic standard.

How wrong was I!

For instance, I struggled to get into my premier hotel room, but the handy card key system at the uxbridge travelodge, which turned off the power to the whole room was so easy!

Other than the price, key card and location next to the station however, that is where the premier inn takes over.

Not only do the staff greet you with knowledge, help and assurance of a good nights sleep, but the bed is cosy (and yes I am currently curled up in it!)

Even the tv is better, with the ability to actually look at a tv guide, which has more than 7 channels!

The premier room looks so much nicer, with the bed beautifully made, curtains instead of rubbish looking blinds. The biggest difference, believe it or not was the halls however, with the travelodge halls looking almost uncleaned since it was opened 2 years ago, and a “lovely” iron make on the floor next to a suspicious white spill on the floor…

So what’s the price difference? It would depend when you were going. The travelodge varied from £30-65 during my time there, while the last minute booking at the premier inn was £56, and this was probably due to the large number of people begging for a room for the wedding I’m attending.

So while I prefer the premier inn, I will probably go back to the nasty travelodge, just because its next to uxbridge station close to a lot of uni friends! But elsewhere on my travels, I will be looking at premier first and well in advanced, to get me a nice cheap yet gorgous room.

Here’s to a good snooze tonight! And great wedding reception!

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