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Oh magicka how I missed you!

Today I finally got to play magicka for the first time since my computer exploded in May! I forgot how much I missed the game!

While league has great points about it, such as choosing a character that suits your gaming style, I love magicka’s storyline and general querky nature. I love all the bable, silly quotes and things from modern culture! But most of all I love the fact it depends on you and your friends, and not relying on strangers who sometimes troll.

Last time I played league, the whole game consisted of two players on our team trolling the whole game by purposefully getting killed by the other team. The game quickly was not fun, but 30 minutes of stress and frustration.

Magicka just involved me and purpose, high diving, giggling and being able to stop when we wanted.

Can’t wait to play some more now!


Having recently met an ex-pro gamer, I have realised just how much of a noob I am. For one, I didn’t realise just how much money some people get from playing games, or even just supporting those who do.

Being as someone who fails normally, its no surprise he best me. What was shocking is, is that it was on a console he hasn’t used in years (ps2) and a game I had spent hours (of a previous life) learning. Doubling my score on match 3 was truly when it was clear if the difference between us.

Because of this, and how much I squeak at everything, he’s going to be streaming me playing league of legends for the first time while he giggles in the background. It’s great to see I’m not the only one who finds my inability to game funny!

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