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Wow blue peter has gone down hill!

Everyone in this country these days remembers Blue Peter from their childhood. You remember the animals, presenters and format.

For once, I watched a modern episode of this beloved children’s program today. It was so terrible, with its clean and wonderful nature almost gone. The crafts were quick and terrible change to trainers that didn’t have “here is one I prepared earlier” uttered once.

With the garden moved this episode, the incorrect greeting to her HRH Princess Anne, and the rude approach of the gardener was a terrible example to a nation of children.

Followed by Cher Lloyd, the show ended with a similar level to how the rest of the show had been run.

The presenters were silly and made me miss the days of great legends that have come before them.

I only hope the beeb take a good hard look to back at the brilliant history of the show, taking it back to what made it a great and well respected kids show.

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