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That moment when you realise they broke the law

As you may or not know I was made redundant by my previous job managing communication projects at Exeter University Students’ Guild but now I have found out 4 months on that not only was I replaced a week after I was shown the door, but they broke the law how they did it too.

Based on British Law they have to consult with employees first and not shown the door straight away. For me I was called into my new line managers office and told that I was no longer needed but that they also were ending my contract sooner than intended. My things were collected from the office and I had to try and leave the building going through two other offices trying to avoid everyone after breaking into tears with the shock announcement. In some ways I saw it coming after I found a massive mistake made by one of the directors in terms of the departments budget on the Friday, and tried to get this highlighted as soon as possible to the right people to resolve this. This mistake was one made well before I was hired to manage a department after the previous Head of department stepped down and a new director starting above. I knew someone would have to be cut and it would probably be me but not till my contract was finished.

It turns out that all employers have to consult with you before they can make you redundant, rather than just show them the door and tell them to leave.

I was so upset because I never got to say good bye and some lazy arsed dick still has their job when they should have lot it back in December; instead I am shoved out the door after all my hard work and he stays to take the department further into debt.

But I have also found that even though I was made redundant, a role that is no longer needed, I was replaced by someone else as soon as they realised the new director couldn’t manage the department single handly like I had for the last 5 months. 

This temporary position has now it seems become permanent and I have had to move to Brighton after losing my job. 

It turns out that my role was needed, that they didn’t do it properly and now I have a crappy job, high stress and had to move out of my flat across the country to Brighton. Not only that but someone has their job even after doing things which else where would have been fired back in December, my predecessor was fired but given the grace of making it look like he found a job else where, while I suddenly disappeared off the map making it look like I had done something majorly wrong even though it was me that found someone elses mistake to get it corrected!

So what am I going to do? Probably nothing but after making me feel disgraced and upset I no longer am thinking of this place as well as I once did and could easily just blab about some rather damning facts about the “award winning” students’ union if anything else comes to light.

But for you, know your rights and check if you get shown the door and what to do. Know what your employer, prospective employer because if you don’t 4 months down the line you will find like me that you have been illegally screwed over by an organisation that aren’t as squeaky clean as you thought.

Plants galore Exeter – a year on

It seems ranting about the illegal activity of Plants Galore in Exeter is the most searched post of my blog.

Having dealt with various companies including a number of gardening centres when putting together media for Hospiscare’s Open Garden booklet, I have heard nothing positive come from anyone talking about Plants Galore.

If you are going for an interview there, run! Want plants that last longer than a month, go elsewhere!

I am glad I never got the job with my role now managing a team of 8 in a till recent events well respected organisation. I am making a real difference to an organisation and people’s lives. I just hope all who are looking for answers about that cesspit of a company do, no matter what it is.

Last day

Today was my last day on my contract. I now have that scary period of unemployment. I don’t have the joy of leaving a job and walking straight into another this time but to the land of no money.

The current climate is terrible for young people, more so than most people. Young people with limited experience are failing to get jobs they are better trained and talented at to an older generation who have this so called “vital experience”.

I hope the situation improves, both for myself and the many others.

So I have been a bit lax

So recently I have not been keeping up to date with my blogging. I apologuise; but I have been working hard on my portfolio so that I can look for a job. If you are interested at all, you can find it here. I would really like to hear what you like about it as I am trying to make it look amazing and read well so when I send the link to people for jobs, they will be impressed rather than underwhelmed.

That does lead me to question, how are we in such a job realted mess? It seems that there are too many people all going for the same sort of jobs resulting in alot of unemployment. Having studied at UNiversity and worked in one, there are way too many people in education. I am not saying that only the richest should go, in fact the oppersite. Most of those I met with a very high intelligence were from poor  families like me.

It should only be the best that go, and not have 500 courses up and down the country for a subject that does not lead to a good job. All of my occupational therapist friends have jobs, as do the engineers, but what about the drama, english and history students? They are working in a pub, tesco or other very low paid job. So what is the point of so many going to university?

If there were not as many going then the stress on the government concerning tution fees would not be as high, but what awaits for those who do not go to University? Why are there not enough apperenterships around even for the 50% that aren’t going to university?

Nothing will solve my impending unemployment, nor the millions that have it awaiting them after university, but hopefully my absence from blogging to work on my portfolio will!


Wikipedia: At or in this place: Stop here for a rest.

How far is too far

I am a very timid person. I do not like fighting whether physical or verbal.

So how far is too far when it comes to work? When are you just a whimp or a member of staff is too agressive?

A few weeks ago a member of staff yelled madly at me for something that was her fault; leaving everything too late. Today she did the same, yet this time there were other staff present and it was no where as bad.

She was bossy, mean, forceful but I thought it was me just being a whimp. It was only when she left and everyone in my office were pulling their jaws off the floor that it twigged.

I am sometimes not just being a whimp; there are times when others step out of line!

If you feel upset, talk to someone you trust, and you will then have some way of venting, crying or pulling yourself together before they give you advice on the course of action.

Talking to hr or your line manager is next as your employer must ensure your physical and mental safety. Bullying or horrid co-workers shouldn’t be something you should just shoulder!

So talk to someone! And now so will I!

And I never thought it would happen

Today I went for an interview at a place called Plants Galore in Exeter. Well I say went for an interview; what I really mean is go sit for 30 mins waiting in the freezing cold and hardly in the interview for more than 5 minutes to be told I wasn’t getting the job.

Now this may sound like the error is in my part; yet I was subject to age discrimination.

With questions of “so how much of this work is actually yours?” and “What percentage of this was done actually by you?”, I was already a bit shocked. With a portfolio that includes items going to 14,000-18,000 for one of Devons most respected and well known charities, I guessed they thought either it is a team behind it all, or that I have lied and raided a shop of all their media.

I was questioned early on how much I was expecting, with the man prizing through my porfolio of work, when asked “So how old are you?” and when I told him my youthful age, I was quickily told I was not getting the job. They only change was my age.

I am shocked and appauled and hope that they are firmly made aware to not do this again. Or just say “Thank you, we’ll get back to you” to not seem so obvious.

I can only hope that others don’t have this happen to them, as it makes you feel rubbish and is something you can not change.

Why does everything have to be in London!

I have a new man, new flat and now I’m going to need ato begin the job hunt with my contract coming to an end.

This is the difficulty how now that I have met someone, finding a job near him that does design is proving to be difficult with everything in London! On alot of the creative and normal recruitment websites, all of the jobs I want are in London or near by. Even though most of the population are still scattered throughout the UK, there seems to be a focus on London in terms of new jobs.

I hope that I will be able to come across a good job near Exeter soon!

I remember wanting a job in London when I first graduated, yet now I love the ability to walk down my street on my own at night, or see beautiful views of the countryside in the distance as I walk to work. I do miss the ability to get food at any time at night, or see any show, or even randomly  getting lost in random parts of London.  Shopping in London is incredible, with the chance to buy anything you want, from rock gear to disney plushes.

I love the safety of Exeter, but wish it had more going on here than it does, a chance to go to a chippy at 7pm at night and find it open (and I am not joking here!)

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