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Valentines fun

Today, as everyone is well aware, is Valentine’s day. It is also one of my friend’s birthday (Happy birthday Michael!).

If your single and not a player today is hell, with the vivid reminder of your single status! If your in a relationship your expected to either expect being treated by your other half or to treat your partner.

Today I am happy in a relationship with an incredible man, but I don’t feel like he has to make a special day of it as every day is special.

Though he offered a night out in a resturant, I would rather just curl up.

I know I am a n00b at being in a relationship with him, as this is our first valentines, but here are some sure fire ways to not muck up with a girl on this pressured day of gift giving

  1. Make your own card
    Yes it can be easy to just buy a card, but if you are geeky, or have a personal joke you can really make something special. One example is this amazng Tardis Card! Though not everyone has creative skills, you could always just do an XKCD styled card
  2. Order flowers to randomly turn up at her work
    Today all the buzz was about Jen’s surprise flowers! They were not only beautiful, but also a lovely surprise, which for Jen with her long distance realtionship was a nice way to show he was thinking about her. Want to save money? Do as Sam planned, take an early afternoon and turn up your self with flowers.
  3. Surprise her!
    Girl’s love being surprised! Even if it is a little surprise, hand made food or petals on the bed, she will swoon 🙂 (though do check before hand if she likes surprises…)
  4. Use an in-joke
    In-joke gifts are sweet and cute and sometimes don’t have to cost much at all! With us playing League of Legends, the little bottles of Mana and Health potions were amazing! I still haven’t stopped grinning 🙂
  5. Do everything she wants
    Sorry guys, but if she’s not into video games, then don’t play them! Focus on her and on doing something together. If your lucky, and she wants nothing but a good game of LOL, then great! Otherwise, sorry guys, but you might have to slog through some girly chic flick…

Hopefully those hints will help! To celerate our Valentine’s, we’re off to watch House with indian food 🙂

In other news, I have a tumblr that you can find here

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