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How far is too far

I am a very timid person. I do not like fighting whether physical or verbal.

So how far is too far when it comes to work? When are you just a whimp or a member of staff is too agressive?

A few weeks ago a member of staff yelled madly at me for something that was her fault; leaving everything too late. Today she did the same, yet this time there were other staff present and it was no where as bad.

She was bossy, mean, forceful but I thought it was me just being a whimp. It was only when she left and everyone in my office were pulling their jaws off the floor that it twigged.

I am sometimes not just being a whimp; there are times when others step out of line!

If you feel upset, talk to someone you trust, and you will then have some way of venting, crying or pulling yourself together before they give you advice on the course of action.

Talking to hr or your line manager is next as your employer must ensure your physical and mental safety. Bullying or horrid co-workers shouldn’t be something you should just shoulder!

So talk to someone! And now so will I!

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