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Failed already

So it is 24th January and already I have failed to keep all my resolutions for the year! I tried to be healthy,  write more and sing every day but this has flopped! So why do we try again every year?

It is hope. This belief,  however small, helps keep a smile on those facing death,  with nothing currently good in their lives or who want to change their lives.

It is why Pandora box is such an
important story for everyone. Hopefully I will keep my hope that even without resolutions I will be able to change things for the better in my life.

I hope that you keep your hope too, whether you have or haven’t kept your resolutions, that you will be able to make a difference in your life! Maybe there is still hope that the world will one day be a better and beautiful place for us all. 

End of the month yet so far behind

It is only the 28th January and I am already about 7 blogs behind! Moving really did put a spanner in the works and now I am really having to make up for it.

That is the thing with new years resolutions, you make them when it is so easy to keep them as it is the holidays; then life begins again. When you have being ill, or being too busy, looking for a new place to live or new job, that little new years resolution just drops off the list.

But why do we still make them when we know every year we are going to break them? Because every so often someone manages to keep it and make a long term change and we continue to hope for change.

What is life without hope anyway but a sad and upsetting existance. Even in greek methology we have pandora’s box. That is why I have a happy outlook on life, because I have hope and faith at the centre of it all.

Yes I have a religious based faith, but I also have a faith in mankind to do what is good and right at the end of the day. For everyone at some point to show some compassion to their fellow man.

So here is to my hope of me catching up, and keeping my resolution! I will have plenty to blog about when I come back from SFX Weekender!

So have some hope, if nothing else today, I think your wonderful 😀

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