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Monsters inc. 2 aka Monsters University

I’m a massive Disney fan! I adore the films, theme parks and series that come out of the animation and Pixar studios. Brave currently is hitting our cinema screens but only recently were we graced with another exciting clip… from Monsters University (also known as Monsters Inc. 2)

I loved the original, Monsters Inc. with its smart yet also youthful humour twisting everything we were brought up believing concerning Monsters. The only thing close to this for me growing up was Fugus the Bogieman.

The relationship between Mike and Sulley made the film so the sneak peak shows them at “war” in college and how they came together, possible with hints or snatches of characters we know and love in the original.

I can’t wait to see how it goes, though I am hoping it won’t be too much like “wicked”, though we all know the adult audience is similar.

Team Fortress 2 – Meet the pyro

Last year I found out about the “meet the…” videos from Team Fortress 2. I quickly downloaded the game on to my computer at which point it crashed and I forgot all about the game due to a very poor internet connection. Now at a new house with a lot better internet (thank you Virgin) I am back playing video games via Steam including Team Fortress 2.

While that may seem boring to you, it means I have a buzz for this game just as the final “meet the…” comes out. As a complete and utter rubbish gamer – though I love playing them – I adore playing the Pyro so it seems fitting.


The video is great, playing on the “him/her” debate and also showing a side you had never seen before! I love how the character thinks they are helping others in a land of unicorns and rainbows.

So do you think the Pyro is a girl or guy? As the music clearly has “Do you believe in magic, in a young girls heart” with only the Scout saying “him” through the whole film as others call out monster.


The only thing we do know, Pyro is crazy!

Retro Game craving

I have recently purchased a brand new PS3 (I know very late behind everyone else) and now rather than a craving of new and wonderfully flashy games, I just want to play retro games! I actually blame the PS3 for this as it has a Lemmings theme that reminded me of the wonderful pleasure I had of playing the game as a kid when it first came out. I still remember the sound of the music in the room and the pixel graphics, and have fond memories of it all.
So after 4 days of managing to refrain from playing, I caved and now have the retro game cravings! I want to play the games that made me first fall in love with console and PC games. Those games that you remember as a kid and though can can’t remember the name, you never forget the fun or the characters.

I now am on the hunt for my earthworm jim disc and ‘where in the world is Carmen” game so that I can relive my gaming youth!

So what are your retro games? What was the first game that got you fixed to your computer?

By the way, if you want to play lemmings, you can do it here: Have fun!

I’m still scared of creepers

I am ashamed to say it, but creepers still scare the life out of me when I play minecraft.

I can’t help it, but the fact that they blow up, make a hissing noise and chase me is enough to have me wanting to hide!

It makes the game exciting but I am still terrified of them. Even playing the sound when I wasn’t playing the game puts the fear in me!

I will just have to be brave… and actually fight one one day!

So does it scare you too?

15 years ago tv changed

15 years ago, TV as we know it changed with Buffy reaching our screens. It is hard to think of my teenage years without Buffy there throughout! And its impact is still evident.

It is strange to think of the excitement of waiting for the series to start, with the saddness of the finale as we waved goodbye to these characters we fell in love with.

It was great to have a show that from the outset that there was death of “main characters” so from week to week, there was no expectation of everyone pulling through. It had the ability to deal with the taboos of teenage life too, sex, love friendship, popularity yet in a fun and often scary manner.

It is great to see it has continued in a great graphic novel series, but I still miss the excitement and thrill that awaited me each week.

I do feel old with it being 15 years since it aired, though buffy didn’t hit the UK screens till 1998/1999, it still shows me age! I rememeber watching buffy from the start of secondary school right till the end of my GCSE’s.

I know there are probably many young people who have not seen it, but know of it as a classical (and I suggest they watch it). While they have Glee in their lives to try and deal with many issues, it still doesn’t have the same standing as this horror classic that changed our TV. I mean there was “All the small things” before Glee, and it hasn’t changed other shows! But Buffy did and still does.

So in 30 years time, there will still be people looking back to when it started with fond memories. I just wonder how many other shows will have that same reaction!

A sad farewell till the next sfx weekender


This years sfx weekender was a folly of delights, witty remarks and incredible costumes. It is sad that it has ended, but excitement already, for booking has already begun for number 4.

Having panels with Brian Blessed, Eve meryres, Sylvester Mc Coy and Colin baker does make it harder for the team to plan the awesome event for next years.

Though pointins and their staff were the cause for almost all of the issues, with little the sfx crew could do to stop! One thing is clear, the staff were slow, daft and very rude, and I feel sad that the sfx guys had to deal with them more than us.

The weekend however was incredible, and the laughs had where great.

My biggest issue? The lady dressed as a female 6th doctor, not with our group, who groped my noob. Whoever you are, make sure you don’t do this in future, as I hope the next person has the balls to report you, you sexual fend.

The reason I feel so much about this, is I have been assaulted before, so it brought back memories, but also the trust is broken. In conventions there usually seemed to be an unwritten rule of trust and respect, allowing for people to feel safe in dressing up. I wasn’t even dressed slutty however, and made it clear she was just after boobage!

But, as I must, I will look to the incredible (and avoid her in future)

So bring on mcm expo in May!

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