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The train derailment and sfx

This morning a train derailed, and while it hasn’t effected the UK at all, and few know about it, sfx has been effected. Not only are some of the paid visitors not coming, nor are some of the guests. This includes the headliner Antony Stewart head.

This other than alittle disappointment, has not effected it too much (though I am greatful for a chance to have food now).

What has annoyed me is the security staff who are paying no attention to the sfx staff it seems, preceding to just be rude to the geek culture alien to them. My other gripe, biggest is lack of internet connection here, yet very clear phone signal!

Poltins are you blocking our internet in an attempt to make us pay for your WiFi?

Next year, WiFi should be free! Geeks live on internet, Twitter and non social interaction. Many didnt hear about Mr Head not coming, probably due to lack of internet that they have. Twitter last year was the form of communication, now I’m actually feeling a bit cut off from excitement occuring around the whole event.

Now to go (and fail) at the quiz. Though with no internet, i think a lot of people will be forced to play fair 🙂

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