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Oh magicka how I missed you!

Today I finally got to play magicka for the first time since my computer exploded in May! I forgot how much I missed the game!

While league has great points about it, such as choosing a character that suits your gaming style, I love magicka’s storyline and general querky nature. I love all the bable, silly quotes and things from modern culture! But most of all I love the fact it depends on you and your friends, and not relying on strangers who sometimes troll.

Last time I played league, the whole game consisted of two players on our team trolling the whole game by purposefully getting killed by the other team. The game quickly was not fun, but 30 minutes of stress and frustration.

Magicka just involved me and purpose, high diving, giggling and being able to stop when we wanted.

Can’t wait to play some more now!


How to play Minecraft as a noob

I love minecraft, yet I am terrible at it, so as long as you don’t do the mistakes I often do, you will be fine.

So here is my tips on how to play this wonderful game as a noob.

  1. Don’t squeal like a girl and panic
    I squeal; I sqeak; I panic; I run into walls. Panic makes you do silly things, and giving your other half an ear ache is not going to help when you rely on them to tell you what that green thing is running towards you, or remind you not to look into the purple eyes. If you are of a jumpy nature, try to make sure you always have a good and easy get out plan and not a narrow ledge that you make you fall further into a pit of darkness or off a cliff to your death.
  2. Dont get stuck out of stupidity
    After opening a new world I could not find coal. While this may not seem a big deal, it is as you can make torches. That made it difficult, but I got stuck in a hill when the sun went down as I dug into a hill kept digging with no light and now can not get out. I have since had to start a new account.So stuck without torches? Quickly make a door then you can see something so you know where the exit is and when to get out! With only the need of wood to make it as well, it is very easy to make, especially as a noob!
  3. Don’t use wooden picks
    It is great when you start using a pick, and the wooden ones are great for starting out with nothing, but as soon as you have used the wooden pick to get some cobblestone, make cobblestone picks. If you stick with a wooden one and find that little bit of coal in the area, you won’t get the coal that you vitally need, but a hole where it once was! The same is for iron, gold and diamond; you need to right pick to mine then, whether iron, gold or diamond.
  4. Remember to sleep
    What I didn’t realise was that by sleeping you save your location, so a house with a bed and emergency supply of items in a chest is a great way to not go back to square one. It also means you get to miss the scary evenings with the scary monsters that make terrifying noises!
  5. When you see a creeper, green walking thing, RUN as they explode!
    The best advice I can give is to run from these scary things, as they explode and leave a lovely crater when they explode in the morning sun! Try not to take them on or you’ll end up back with nothing again, or scream and give the bf a headache…
  6. Have fun!
    Minecraft is a great game, where you can explore towns, caves dungeons and build great buildings, homes and memories. Enjoy it and when your not enjoying it any more, try a new world or play with someone else!

I hope you have enjoyed my Minecraft how to play as  noob. Hopefully I will have more for you soon!

La noire – game review

I love the 20’s-40’s; the design styles and music are incredible. When LA noire came out all of my friends could do nothing but recommend this game for me. What’s more, the whole game being an epic story made up of cases, each with their own stories, its my kind of game.

This is not a shooter game, with more focus on investigation than violence.

The witty remarks from characters, how the smaller storylines change depending on what evidence you find or questions you ask is great. I can’t help but be hooked to the game.

If you like games that aren’t just about reckless shooting or driving, bit has real depth, this is the game for you. But a hint, if you have evidence then say lie, if not doubt! That’s all I’m saying!

Now back to playing! Just solved the lipstick murder!

Becareful of the bejeweled

For the last two days I have become addicted to Bejeweled Blitz.

It is dangerous the amount of time the game takes up! But why is this game so addictive?

1. Simple game

The game is just moving blocks or “jewels” around to make 4’s or more; that’s it! Simple game means you can play it and not have to know facts or figures. Just simple fun

2. “I can do better than that”

With games like bejeweled, there is a score board, where you can then see how well or bad your doing. But more deadly is the plain fact it is just scored. Why is that deadly? Because you can’t help but think after 99% of games “I could do better than that if I just had one more go…”

Funny how the one more games turns into 20!

3. How randomly you can suddenly do well

This game is random sometimes and you can just be plain lucky and suddenly do well. Well curosity sneaks in and you just want to see if it was plain luck or you have suddenly have gotten better at this game

4. It suddenly goes nuts and everything blows up

I like crazy things blowing up turning colours and suddenly having a new screen of coloured blocks to play with


and finally 5. You can get coins to get cool stuff

I am not ashamed, but I love the crazy things you can get with the coins you slowly earn. You can then make the simple game more suited to you or just different enough to keep you interested, waiting for the next one to come along!


I just love the fact its an ex-pro gamer who got me into the game!


How not to play League of Legends – Part 4 – Soraka

As someone who can’t aim on moving targets that well, especially a vast number of moving targets, a nice wide attack seems a great plan for a n00b like me. Well after a game playing Ashe (for a 3rd time) and having enough points, Purpose suggested playing Soraka.

As a healing character, who can be a great support, it would be a great way to ease into the game.

First time after buying her though, having not be told by Purpose to be passive instead of jumping right in and wondering why my attacking power was so low, I sucked.

Yes you can play her as an agressive character, but you have to build her that way by starting with Q and choosing other items to build her that way. My first game was full of stress, putting me off the role of support (though at a very low ranking futile I know but you have to learn somewhere). After my second and third game, finally knowing to be passive, I really got into the character! Being able to learn to hover around character, healing them and quickly running away then back again.

Getting basic boots then better boots really did make a difference! Being able to run fast is a good thing! Bushes and running are your friend in this role.

So how do you not play Soraka? Well like me, getting killed, hitting the minions with the heal or silences rather than the characters, and button bashing!

Yes I am a button basher when it comes to games like Tekken and Super Smash Bros Brawl! Do not button bash with this game! It just wastes your good powers at the wrong times. Don’t mix up your numbers and letters… as I kept doing. You might then wonder why its doin g nothing!

Keep your hand still as a noob and only move it if you know you are going to go straight back to the correct part of the keyboard.

I really do like Soraka, and will unfortunately be annoying people with my terrible playing! Sorry 😦

How not to play League of Legends

Today I played my first ever game of League of legends, and while my team won, my skills at the game were little to be jelous of!

Having watched Purpose for now 2 months playing this game, I know my Brands from my Annie’s (and am constantly quoting her…), yet this accounted for nothing when it actually came to play.

So why did I fail?


First mistake was listening to Purpose and skipping the tutorial. I am not a cocky person, but it appears my boyfriend has more faith in my skills than I do. I wanted so hard to play the tutorial, designed to help people understand the game…  instead of going through it or even playing a bot match, I was quickly into a real match!

Now as someone who is terrified of letting people down, this had panic written all over the game for me! Even with the tutorial I would have been a mess!


Second was playing Zilean who is apparently a difficult character to play. Believe it or not though, I think they are all bloody hard! It is just a case of what style you are best at playing. Zilean involves so much “point/click on” stuff while Sona’s have a nice radial attack! But apparently good Sona’s are hard to come by. That again is probably down to the playing style required.

The third mistake was just a case of not being ergonomically set up for me. Purpose is a great gamer (watch his streams at his gaming stream site to see that!) and so has great equipment purposely designed for his much bigger hands and playing style. With a SteelSeries Sensei mouse that I recently got him, to go with his also SteelSeries keyboard, he’s able to game at his best.

I on the other hand am smaller, slowler and not used to using his computer settings at all! Within 4 minutes of the game a pillow had to be grabbed to provide extra height to try and stop the pain flowing down my left arm.

So next time I’m using a different mouse (and sensitivity) and keyboard so not to make my arm want to fall off…

So my fourth mistake? More of one I can’t not have! I have dislexia and dispraxia (neither of which I can spell nor get rid of) meaning left, right and reading are either slow or non-existant. If you had seen the match, you would have heard a Purpose yelling “Fairy” and “Tor” throughout the game with the occasional left and rights! While my brain is very good at learning static systems, quickly creating pathways and great muscle memory, knowing where I was, which mouse button to click or who to click was impossible!

The screen seemed but a blur of colour, names that I could not read nor understand, and the screen always looking at the wrong place!


Don’t get me wrong, through the bouts of confusion, stress and arguing of what terminology for Purpose to use in his guidance, it was alot of fun! I just know what I am terrible at something!

Hopefully there’s a offline practise button somewhere… though I did some how manage 3 kills and 8 assists with only 9 deaths…

Skyrim or mw3

Both skyrim and modern warfare 3 have been what many have been talking about as both were released this week, but which game is best?

As someone whose played none of the previous games, other than the occasional LAN party of mw3, I have neither the excitement for either, nor the knowledge.

I can however gather that visually I already prefer skyrim, but the game play being effected by events, such as a vampire bite, do seem to make skyrim already seem more appealing.

My love of being shot to pieces in LAN parties however never seems to leave me.

So which will it be? It is easy to see mw3 will be making a lot of money, used as a way of many youth getting their frustrations out on the world. But does popularity really making it the better game?

Does a game of shooting others really beat a beautifully designed and well thought out game?

I think it will be down to the gaming world to decide. However, I think I might have to give skyrim a try, apparently there’s a dragon or two in it!

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