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Retro Game craving

I have recently purchased a brand new PS3 (I know very late behind everyone else) and now rather than a craving of new and wonderfully flashy games, I just want to play retro games! I actually blame the PS3 for this as it has a Lemmings theme that reminded me of the wonderful pleasure I had of playing the game as a kid when it first came out. I still remember the sound of the music in the room and the pixel graphics, and have fond memories of it all.
So after 4 days of managing to refrain from playing, I caved and now have the retro game cravings! I want to play the games that made me first fall in love with console and PC games. Those games that you remember as a kid and though can can’t remember the name, you never forget the fun or the characters.

I now am on the hunt for my earthworm jim disc and ‘where in the world is Carmen” game so that I can relive my gaming youth!

So what are your retro games? What was the first game that got you fixed to your computer?

By the way, if you want to play lemmings, you can do it here: Have fun!

Wii fit plus vs Raving Rabbids- Game review

I fell in love with Wii fit and have yet to fall out of love with it (except everytime it tells me how much weight I have gained). For years I have waited for Wii fit plus to go down in price to put more fizz into using my board.

So when I brought the second hand copy from CEX and found the game was actually a disappointment, you can tell I wasn’t a happy bunny.

Compare it to Raving Rabbids, and you have a different story however, as this is a game I have been looking forward too since it first came out, struggled to find the original game for years when I could afford it. It is a great game, and tired out my poor arms due to the fun nature of it. The game really absorbs you, especially someone who adores cute like me. This then gets you putng more into winning, into losing yourself and forgeting your waving your arms madly and getting you off the sofa.

Comparing the “Kung foo” of the Wii fit to one of the dance games in the rabbids game, I know I expelled far more energy with the bundles of white fluff and its was more fun!

Yes I have only just got both games, and the wii fit set programs make it eaiser (and lazier) to focus on something in particular, and maybe there are alot of great things that will slowly come out of this game, but the inital “wow” isn’t great.

It is more like a Wii fit 1.2… and I just want to play more rabbid games…


Becareful of the bejeweled

For the last two days I have become addicted to Bejeweled Blitz.

It is dangerous the amount of time the game takes up! But why is this game so addictive?

1. Simple game

The game is just moving blocks or “jewels” around to make 4’s or more; that’s it! Simple game means you can play it and not have to know facts or figures. Just simple fun

2. “I can do better than that”

With games like bejeweled, there is a score board, where you can then see how well or bad your doing. But more deadly is the plain fact it is just scored. Why is that deadly? Because you can’t help but think after 99% of games “I could do better than that if I just had one more go…”

Funny how the one more games turns into 20!

3. How randomly you can suddenly do well

This game is random sometimes and you can just be plain lucky and suddenly do well. Well curosity sneaks in and you just want to see if it was plain luck or you have suddenly have gotten better at this game

4. It suddenly goes nuts and everything blows up

I like crazy things blowing up turning colours and suddenly having a new screen of coloured blocks to play with


and finally 5. You can get coins to get cool stuff

I am not ashamed, but I love the crazy things you can get with the coins you slowly earn. You can then make the simple game more suited to you or just different enough to keep you interested, waiting for the next one to come along!


I just love the fact its an ex-pro gamer who got me into the game!


Skyrim or mw3

Both skyrim and modern warfare 3 have been what many have been talking about as both were released this week, but which game is best?

As someone whose played none of the previous games, other than the occasional LAN party of mw3, I have neither the excitement for either, nor the knowledge.

I can however gather that visually I already prefer skyrim, but the game play being effected by events, such as a vampire bite, do seem to make skyrim already seem more appealing.

My love of being shot to pieces in LAN parties however never seems to leave me.

So which will it be? It is easy to see mw3 will be making a lot of money, used as a way of many youth getting their frustrations out on the world. But does popularity really making it the better game?

Does a game of shooting others really beat a beautifully designed and well thought out game?

I think it will be down to the gaming world to decide. However, I think I might have to give skyrim a try, apparently there’s a dragon or two in it!

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