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I am new to adult board games. I played the new terry Pratchett one and loved it! It was quick and fast paced to play, with a lot of thinking.

Today I have tried a more long term game called descent. It is a very complex game involving a lot of dice and numbers; coming in half way through also adds to the complexity!

I didn’t enjoy it much, other than oggling over all the figures of monsters that come with the game. Or played with the dice, seeing how many I could stack and hold with one hand.


Turns out it's 8!

There is so much going on that I fail to get my head around half of how to play! My character had ferrets which was cool, and I was playing a mage but everything else kept changing in a slow discussed manner.

I’m not a patient person, I like speed in everything from work, rides, horses and games!

My tip; don’t start mid way through on an NPC ( none player character) with a couple of venterans of the game… It’s just too confusing!

La noire – game review

I love the 20’s-40’s; the design styles and music are incredible. When LA noire came out all of my friends could do nothing but recommend this game for me. What’s more, the whole game being an epic story made up of cases, each with their own stories, its my kind of game.

This is not a shooter game, with more focus on investigation than violence.

The witty remarks from characters, how the smaller storylines change depending on what evidence you find or questions you ask is great. I can’t help but be hooked to the game.

If you like games that aren’t just about reckless shooting or driving, bit has real depth, this is the game for you. But a hint, if you have evidence then say lie, if not doubt! That’s all I’m saying!

Now back to playing! Just solved the lipstick murder!

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