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Social media n00b

I am constantly shocked at how much I know professionally about social media sometimes. Other times though I feel like an idiot!

I worked my butt off to change the work social media over the last year to really build it up to the lofty heights of 275 followers compared to the 82 when I started, yet a charity that does nothing with theirs has over 1000!

The problem lies in location of both in the sense of physical location and charity stance.

While I have worked at making it great, its not out there on every piece of communication as MERU have had. With facebook and Twitter you need to tell everyone your on there!

Then you have the fact I work for a charity aimed mainly at a higher age group than the kids medical equipment Epsom based charity MERU.

So get your self out there! Tell the word!

In the past they have also had “design club” on there as a way for far away supporters like me to put in thoughts and expertise online.

It is a bit harder for use to do the same about people dying!

So time to yell and scream about our stuff online! To get it working with people.

Here’s to social media and making it fun and exciting!

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