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Dancing on ice “prop” week

I love Dancing on Ice, it is a my dirty habit once a year to tune into. Having watched all but the original series, I look forward to props week. This year however was a complete disappointment compared to previous years!

Yes this year the skating is far better than any other year, with two skaters constantly pushing at the top, closely now followed by two others vying for thte title, but it was more skating and less props! Jorgie did a great routine, with a ribbon twirling at all times while flying around the ring, yet had low scores, while others like Chico acted with a prop for a whole of two seconds before flying to the next one! The only routine that really seemed to embrace it was Danielle’s with suitcases, buckets and squirting flowers!

There was no umbrella, no table or chair! So to get your fill of a real props week, here are my top 10 props week.

10. Ray with the Hat 

This other than the drop and slight stumble, showed how to use a hat as a prop, and not just a feature to sit on your head!

Ray Dancing on Ice 2009 props week

9. Jessica under her Umbrella (hella..)

Yes the skating is no where even near the bottom skaters in this year’s competition but it shows what you can do to really involve a prop into a routine. I mean to be swung around by the umbrella or sat on it during a spinning lift is using it!

8. Stefen gets Chris involved

I love this one as Chris was involved in the routine and even in his two snippets acted along to make the piece seem even better!

7. Danielle clowning around

I have loved Danielle from week1 this year, and it is not because of her skating but her fun and bubbly personality! I enjoyed her routine this year, with its cheeky side, even squirting the crowd with water in the routine.

6. Roxy gets sexy with her chair

Got to love her reaction to her mum watching her sexy routine, and then how great it was, spinning off the chair compared to the “prop” week we were shown this year. Yes the skating is no where as goo, but it still puts it to shame!

5. Jorgie should have twirled higher

I loved this routine, it was beautiful in how it appeared and I know her skating was not as excellent as normal, but you try twirling that thing constantly throughout a floor routine without tangling your self up, let alone on ice being lifted, its not easy!

Just shows non of the judges know how to ribbon it up! Jason should have been there, with his crazy cravats through the previous seasons, he woul have known the issues involved!

4. Chris and Frankie fly under the table

Frankie is my favourite professional and I am so sad that in the past few years, her partner has always been out by week 2 or 3. When she was paired with the full of spark Chris, it was a gleeful series!

3. Laura mixes it up with attitude

Laura mixed lots of items, and made it look great! If you’re going to mix props, watch this lady

2. Did they or didn’t they?

The question that plagued us all for weeks was whether Hayley and Dan kissed at the end of their routine! This was a joy to watch, and even stands to show how much passion she could put through her skating. I think I have only see Jorgie act out a better routine than Hayley.

I must say I am definately on the yes team, as through all the weeks, their initimate skates bloomed with real spark only I have never seen acted in anything I have watched.

Find out what you think here!

1. That suitcase

Who, if you have ever seen it, can forget that suitcase. The one that stole the show! It was the first time I feel in love with props week and has stuck with me ever since. I am pretty sure that other than Hayley’s very famous Ja Ho! performance, that this is my most memorable routine ever. The suitcase came part of Karen and Melanie’s pairing that it was named Wally!


Just goes to show you to keep it simple stupid!

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