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I am still a n00b when it comes to the internet! But I have found something great today!

While I knew the existance of reddit before, the awww channel was unknow to me.

If you love anything cute, or that makes you go “awww”, then this is for you with its cute pictures of balls of fluff also know as dogs to new geeky dads. All I know is I could just keep going and going and going and going with the constant pictures that make me giggle or squeal with glee!

If you don’t want to lose yourself to hours of cooing, avoid this page, but those of you with hours of spare time, then check out the aww page on reddit.

I love it so much already, with a cute kitten curled up in a hand, find the kitty and a dog with a pacifier!

But I really need to make sure I curb my time on it in case

4 day of awwww

That is right! It’s Crufts time! Half way through and there has been so many great and cute dogs!

I was shocked though at how the cutest dogs weren’t the toy ones (appart from the ball of fluff that won it) but the  agility dogs!

There is still 2 days left to go, and I can’t wait to see what it bring! Till then, its time to curl up on the sofa as day 3 starts!

For you, here is a picture of my dog Maisy…

Wikipedia: S is the nineteenth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

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