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And I never thought it would happen

Today I went for an interview at a place called Plants Galore in Exeter. Well I say went for an interview; what I really mean is go sit for 30 mins waiting in the freezing cold and hardly in the interview for more than 5 minutes to be told I wasn’t getting the job.

Now this may sound like the error is in my part; yet I was subject to age discrimination.

With questions of “so how much of this work is actually yours?” and “What percentage of this was done actually by you?”, I was already a bit shocked. With a portfolio that includes items going to 14,000-18,000 for one of Devons most respected and well known charities, I guessed they thought either it is a team behind it all, or that I have lied and raided a shop of all their media.

I was questioned early on how much I was expecting, with the man prizing through my porfolio of work, when asked “So how old are you?” and when I told him my youthful age, I was quickily told I was not getting the job. They only change was my age.

I am shocked and appauled and hope that they are firmly made aware to not do this again. Or just say “Thank you, we’ll get back to you” to not seem so obvious.

I can only hope that others don’t have this happen to them, as it makes you feel rubbish and is something you can not change.

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