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Cure for the common cold

Colds in the UK cost us all so much money and business in the UK. They make you feel drained, unattractive and then increase stress when you do return to work.

So how do you cure colds and flues that effect us all?

Many say fill your self with vitamin C but often it is too late as this is for preventing rather than curing.

Another cure suggested is drinking lots of water to flush the virus out of you. Most people in the UK, and in fact the world do not have enough water in their diet, so the an increase us good, yet it seems hard when you spend the day in bed and don’t want to move.

There are always the normal potions and lotions available, with steaming with olbus oil as a high recommendation from me for clearing everything yucky out. Lemsip brings steaming, pain killers and decongestants together and I can not recommend this enough!

But there is still the constant question of how do stop colds from coming back? With the viruses constantly mutating, we can’t keep up with it. The cold is passed to the next person before they even show symptoms most of the time.

The only way to really stop a cold is how we managed to stop foot and mouth and other more deadly viruses spreading; isolating it. If everyone stayed indoors for for a couple of weeks.

However getting that to actually happen is impossible and will just leave way for other more deadly bugs in.

So for now, while the cold is sucking the life out of me, but I know that it is for the good.

Till then its lemsip time!

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