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So I have been a bit lax

So recently I have not been keeping up to date with my blogging. I apologuise; but I have been working hard on my portfolio so that I can look for a job. If you are interested at all, you can find it here. I would really like to hear what you like about it as I am trying to make it look amazing and read well so when I send the link to people for jobs, they will be impressed rather than underwhelmed.

That does lead me to question, how are we in such a job realted mess? It seems that there are too many people all going for the same sort of jobs resulting in alot of unemployment. Having studied at UNiversity and worked in one, there are way too many people in education. I am not saying that only the richest should go, in fact the oppersite. Most of those I met with a very high intelligence were from poor  families like me.

It should only be the best that go, and not have 500 courses up and down the country for a subject that does not lead to a good job. All of my occupational therapist friends have jobs, as do the engineers, but what about the drama, english and history students? They are working in a pub, tesco or other very low paid job. So what is the point of so many going to university?

If there were not as many going then the stress on the government concerning tution fees would not be as high, but what awaits for those who do not go to University? Why are there not enough apperenterships around even for the 50% that aren’t going to university?

Nothing will solve my impending unemployment, nor the millions that have it awaiting them after university, but hopefully my absence from blogging to work on my portfolio will!


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Pancake day

Today is pancake day! Yummy! But I don’t have a problem giving up sugar, sweets, alcohol or drugs; so what do I give up?

I am going to try and be healthier, fitter and smarter. Let’s see how long this lasts!

Last time I took part in lent, I gave up buying myself sweets as I had a bad habit of buying but then not eating them.

It worked so much better than new years, so why? Is it the idea that “Its only for 40 days! I should at least manage that!” After that we get used to doing or not doing with something in our life.

So this is why this lent I am doing more of the healthy stuff, but I should also catch up with all my blogging from the move.

Hopefully it means more blogging and a skinner me 😀

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