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I am not going to lie, but I watch Dancing on Ice. It is my flithy habit, but when I don’t have sports channels here at my flat, so I can’t watch the professionals, it gives me a chance to watch skating, with aload of breaks inbetween (I don’t watch anything but the skating).

I have though, gotten into the habit or watching the twitter channels for news and opinions, especially with Dancing on Ice or when forced to watch shows I don’t like. Tonight I was shocked at the support a guy called Andy from Corrie (i think). His skills are clearly the poorest of the whole lot, yet there are people claiming how amazing he is!

I am glad there are other people who think like me, and realise his skill is lacking, and he should leave so better skaters can stay on. I was shocked more when someone believed half of his skating votes should be based on who he is rather than on his skills!

If that’s the case I should go on, stand there and get voted through by the country for being the underdog/non-celeb and for everything I have been through. Or what about the Queen?

These shows have been designed to sucker people into voting and how they wish. But it is still shocking to see how people are really fooled into voting for poor skaters, but then I guess, they need to diffientiate between those that aren’t going to win…

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