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New Doctor who companion revealed

It has been clear for a while that Rory and Amy Pond were set to leave our screens for a hopefully happy future together, taking no more trips in the Tardis. With each companion having a major impact on the storyline and feel of the series, there is now a hint of the direction or feel of what the series will be like.

But who is this new companion about to make their steps into the Tardis? It is Jenna-Louise Coleman who has alredy had a (unknown) career in TV

Source: BBC News

Apparently from Emmerdale, Jenna-Louise has already started taking her steps into the Tardis for the Christmas episode already being filmed in Wales.

Hopefully she won’t bring her soapy background with her, and the fun and natural feel of the show won’t be ruined.

But then, Billie piper went from teen pop star, Chav companion to classy Call girl!

So the new companion is very pretty, which after the beautiful and fiesty Karen, she’s got alot to look up to! Stephen Moffat has made some great choices in the past series, so we should have something exciting and new to look forward to as he deals with the Doctor finding a new companion!

Bring on new Doctor Who, we will be sad to see Amy and Rory leave though.


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