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123 Reg review

For a number of years I have had to manage both my own websites and work ones so I thought that I would share my experience of working with 123 reg.

I have been with 123 reg for years for my personal website with the Linux Start up package with the WordPress app. Recently I tried to update the wordpress system as normal and my website died. I find out it is because the control panel has changed for 123 reg and none of the apps are showing any more.

As I have paid for these, you can imagine I contact them (after an hour of finding out how and that none of their support documents cover what I am experiencing). I miss a call at work because I can’t answer my phone there to find an e-mailing stating that I have a response to my ticket.

Despite the fact that I have paid for a service with these apps, the support note just states that I need an upgrade for this app. 

As you can imagine I am peeved, but it appears that there is a second ticket stating that they can call me between 9-5… which is the time I work! I can’t get access to a non-work computer on lunch so there is not much point! Unless you don’t work, freelance or can get to a computer on break, you can’t access their support service.

My response highlights that I have paid for this service and that I can’t take a call at those times.

They finally admit that I have indeed PAID for that service but because they have updated their hosting system I can only get this back with an upgrade…. so I can’t access something that I have paid for unless I pay more money…

So we are going around and around in circles… I will keep you updated what happens but I can tell you that a couple of years ago, you got what you paid for but this is no longer the case, the support to get this sorted it now 10 days on and still just being told I need to throw money at them!

Their website system is now confusing to navigate, if something goes wrong you are screwed (especially if your business depends on it) and the support system is as useful as a mouse coughing on your keyboard.

I was already planning in April to move my hosting to the BF’s as his support and system has been amazing, but now I am demanding a full refund or my service returned to normal.

Support: 0 stars
website system: 0 stars
Server: 2 stars
Prices: 2 stars




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