Because not everyone is Elite

Confessions of a Noob

I am a girl geek, a girl gamer and a n00b!

Yes I am smart and a nerd, geek and often freak compared to most of the population, but my expertise is so vastly spread, that I am a n00b to so many.

I am currently dating an ex-pro gamer, and he makes me look like a complete beginner who knows nothing. Yet I know the differences between my consoles, portal and portal 2 and Half life 2, yet still I am a n00b compared to him.

I kept finding that while compared to most people I talk to I am the geekiest person they have ever met, knowing vast amounts of information, background and nitty gritty from films, tv, games, comics, design, programming and even law, I am a n00b to many others.

So I found that there was little for the n00bs, so being a n00b often, I thought I would blog about it.

I’m a n00b at blogging, so what do you expect!


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