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How far is too far

I am a very timid person. I do not like fighting whether physical or verbal.

So how far is too far when it comes to work? When are you just a whimp or a member of staff is too agressive?

A few weeks ago a member of staff yelled madly at me for something that was her fault; leaving everything too late. Today she did the same, yet this time there were other staff present and it was no where as bad.

She was bossy, mean, forceful but I thought it was me just being a whimp. It was only when she left and everyone in my office were pulling their jaws off the floor that it twigged.

I am sometimes not just being a whimp; there are times when others step out of line!

If you feel upset, talk to someone you trust, and you will then have some way of venting, crying or pulling yourself together before they give you advice on the course of action.

Talking to hr or your line manager is next as your employer must ensure your physical and mental safety. Bullying or horrid co-workers shouldn’t be something you should just shoulder!

So talk to someone! And now so will I!


The truth about getting a PS3

Today I got a PS3. Having brought it at 4pm and promptly bringing it home, it is 11.22pm, and I still haven’t played anything!

It is not because I haven’t tried; there is a lot of downloading involved in getting a PS3!

First it started up and wanted to download updates, then to play a racing game, it had to download and install over 1gb of game that I thought came on the game disc I brought!

All other consoles I have used, if they have ever needed updating, either allow you to choose to update later, or it is no where as bad!

This evening was planned to be trying out all the different new games but it has been nothing of the sort!

It doesn’t help that for some reason our tv has gone insane so there is currently only the BBC channels available.

Still there has been resorting to previous gaming consoles or methods, with pc or Wii usage this evening!

How stupid is that!

I hope that nothing else long winded like this happens with this silly piece of gear. I also hope it is worth the money and the weight!

So if your getting a PS3, don’t expect to play it the same day that you have brought it, or any games there after.

British summer time

Last night the clocks went back, meaning an hour less on a Sunday, not a big deal.

Tomorrow I am waking up at 6.30, an hour and a half earlier than normal without the summertime change. This means it is going to feel more like 5.30…

This is when I don’t like the clocks moving! Why did I choose this week to volunteer of all weeks!

Still it must be done, so sleep I must go so I get at least some!

Spell my name right!

Since I was young I have hated how people never can spell my name right. I Have the full french version  of my name, meaning 9 whole letters, yet I have seen 6 letter versions where they miss off 3 letters!

Having a name such as Annabelle is nice as there are few with it, but you find no one ever seems to spell it correctly even after years of writing them e-mails with your name correctly spelt at the bottom!

Since the rise of Facebook, a higher percentage have written my name just right, but there are still alot out there who don’t!

I hate people getting my name wrong, and even more so when I have my name in the e-mail, in the address bar and have clearly have it written everywhere! I take the time and effort to write down your name correctly! Why don’t you do the same???


4 day of awwww

That is right! It’s Crufts time! Half way through and there has been so many great and cute dogs!

I was shocked though at how the cutest dogs weren’t the toy ones (appart from the ball of fluff that won it) but the  agility dogs!

There is still 2 days left to go, and I can’t wait to see what it bring! Till then, its time to curl up on the sofa as day 3 starts!

For you, here is a picture of my dog Maisy…

Wikipedia: S is the nineteenth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

Cure for the common cold

Colds in the UK cost us all so much money and business in the UK. They make you feel drained, unattractive and then increase stress when you do return to work.

So how do you cure colds and flues that effect us all?

Many say fill your self with vitamin C but often it is too late as this is for preventing rather than curing.

Another cure suggested is drinking lots of water to flush the virus out of you. Most people in the UK, and in fact the world do not have enough water in their diet, so the an increase us good, yet it seems hard when you spend the day in bed and don’t want to move.

There are always the normal potions and lotions available, with steaming with olbus oil as a high recommendation from me for clearing everything yucky out. Lemsip brings steaming, pain killers and decongestants together and I can not recommend this enough!

But there is still the constant question of how do stop colds from coming back? With the viruses constantly mutating, we can’t keep up with it. The cold is passed to the next person before they even show symptoms most of the time.

The only way to really stop a cold is how we managed to stop foot and mouth and other more deadly viruses spreading; isolating it. If everyone stayed indoors for for a couple of weeks.

However getting that to actually happen is impossible and will just leave way for other more deadly bugs in.

So for now, while the cold is sucking the life out of me, but I know that it is for the good.

Till then its lemsip time!

Can I go home now…

Stress is not good and its impact can be far more stretching than we know.

Today I have been at work, with many comments of “You’re not your self today” or “Are you ok?” This has all come after a very stress filled day, infact weekend, that had come before it.

I am a very fast yet good designer and worker, making sure I get everything I possibly can done. I have updated and pushed forward so many different projects during my year at my job as I am that kind of person! I can not let people down and worse, I can not let my self down with poor work!

So after redoing someone elses work in its appearence that they have worked 6 months on in 4 hours was quite a feat even for me. This though has added to the stress of the fall at the weekend, impending lack of job and Men’s Walk fast approaching! Thats right in 8 days time my mother is coming to visit my new flat and cheer on the boyfriend! And I can’t even have a relaxing bath as I don’t have one any more… I think I need an extra day off.

So stress is not good in our lives, and moving, money worries and family issues don’t help. But I will carry on, make sure I relax and have fun.

Don’t get stressed is the message at the end of the day, take lots of rests and enjoy life. Hopefully an evening of video games and chatting on the phone will have helped displace my tense period. I just have to make it to the weekend before i can be really lazy (til I stress over tidying the house)

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