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123 Reg review

For a number of years I have had to manage both my own websites and work ones so I thought that I would share my experience of working with 123 reg.

I have been with 123 reg for years for my personal website with the Linux Start up package with the WordPress app. Recently I tried to update the wordpress system as normal and my website died. I find out it is because the control panel has changed for 123 reg and none of the apps are showing any more.

As I have paid for these, you can imagine I contact them (after an hour of finding out how and that none of their support documents cover what I am experiencing). I miss a call at work because I can’t answer my phone there to find an e-mailing stating that I have a response to my ticket.

Despite the fact that I have paid for a service with these apps, the support note just states that I need an upgrade for this app. 

As you can imagine I am peeved, but it appears that there is a second ticket stating that they can call me between 9-5… which is the time I work! I can’t get access to a non-work computer on lunch so there is not much point! Unless you don’t work, freelance or can get to a computer on break, you can’t access their support service.

My response highlights that I have paid for this service and that I can’t take a call at those times.

They finally admit that I have indeed PAID for that service but because they have updated their hosting system I can only get this back with an upgrade…. so I can’t access something that I have paid for unless I pay more money…

So we are going around and around in circles… I will keep you updated what happens but I can tell you that a couple of years ago, you got what you paid for but this is no longer the case, the support to get this sorted it now 10 days on and still just being told I need to throw money at them!

Their website system is now confusing to navigate, if something goes wrong you are screwed (especially if your business depends on it) and the support system is as useful as a mouse coughing on your keyboard.

I was already planning in April to move my hosting to the BF’s as his support and system has been amazing, but now I am demanding a full refund or my service returned to normal.

Support: 0 stars
website system: 0 stars
Server: 2 stars
Prices: 2 stars



Social media n00b

I am constantly shocked at how much I know professionally about social media sometimes. Other times though I feel like an idiot!

I worked my butt off to change the work social media over the last year to really build it up to the lofty heights of 275 followers compared to the 82 when I started, yet a charity that does nothing with theirs has over 1000!

The problem lies in location of both in the sense of physical location and charity stance.

While I have worked at making it great, its not out there on every piece of communication as MERU have had. With facebook and Twitter you need to tell everyone your on there!

Then you have the fact I work for a charity aimed mainly at a higher age group than the kids medical equipment Epsom based charity MERU.

So get your self out there! Tell the word!

In the past they have also had “design club” on there as a way for far away supporters like me to put in thoughts and expertise online.

It is a bit harder for use to do the same about people dying!

So time to yell and scream about our stuff online! To get it working with people.

Here’s to social media and making it fun and exciting!


I am still a n00b when it comes to the internet! But I have found something great today!

While I knew the existance of reddit before, the awww channel was unknow to me.

If you love anything cute, or that makes you go “awww”, then this is for you with its cute pictures of balls of fluff also know as dogs to new geeky dads. All I know is I could just keep going and going and going and going with the constant pictures that make me giggle or squeal with glee!

If you don’t want to lose yourself to hours of cooing, avoid this page, but those of you with hours of spare time, then check out the aww page on reddit.

I love it so much already, with a cute kitten curled up in a hand, find the kitty and a dog with a pacifier!

But I really need to make sure I curb my time on it in case

Outdated Social media n00bs

I am not a social media n00b. I have had a personal facebook account since first introduced in England, as well as a non-personal account (possibly one of the first), a Twitter, LinkedIn, bebo, MySpace and Google+ account. My role at work even includes controlling various accounts and development.

But the thing with social media is it is constantly changing, with updates, new sites, apps and technology advances. Many people also assume that because they know their way around their personal account, that they are “experts” and can then teach others.

Believe it or not bit I have met someone who is teaching others about social media, and how to use it, yet believed that after 48 hours tweets just disappeared forever, or that it was fine to tweet anything. He is being paid by people to teach them thongs that are dangerously wrong!

So how do they get away with this? He isn’t a scam artist, but believes he’s an expert!

With it all changing, qualifications are out of date the next day, yet how do we stop people teaching about things they actually know little about or is often outdated!

Having controlled many websites now, its crazy to see website documents even weeks after it is made sometimes to how outdated it is. But when your working with websites that don’t allow for any social media engagement, you worry.

In the last 10 years we have gone from mobile phones starting to become common place in the UK, with smart phone completely changing all markets, meetings and businesses these days. Even 5 years down the line, it will be interesting to see where we are in terms of social and technical advances.

For now we need to try to bridge the gap though with those who have knowledge and understanding with those that don’t. Or maybe focus at the bigger picture. America now produce enough food to feed 80% of the worlds population, yet consume or dispose of it in the US.

Why do we not use social media more to make people aware, or change this? Get America to send food to countries that need it, and get them healthier. Why not remove ignorance and stupidity?

I know I am not a n00b to social media, but I still have hopes it can be used for good. That we can make real positive change.

I hope you feel that way too.

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