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Retro Game craving

I have recently purchased a brand new PS3 (I know very late behind everyone else) and now rather than a craving of new and wonderfully flashy games, I just want to play retro games! I actually blame the PS3 for this as it has a Lemmings theme that reminded me of the wonderful pleasure I had of playing the game as a kid when it first came out. I still remember the sound of the music in the room and the pixel graphics, and have fond memories of it all.
So after 4 days of managing to refrain from playing, I caved and now have the retro game cravings! I want to play the games that made me first fall in love with console and PC games. Those games that you remember as a kid and though can can’t remember the name, you never forget the fun or the characters.

I now am on the hunt for my earthworm jim disc and ‘where in the world is Carmen” game so that I can relive my gaming youth!

So what are your retro games? What was the first game that got you fixed to your computer?

By the way, if you want to play lemmings, you can do it here: Have fun!

The truth about getting a PS3

Today I got a PS3. Having brought it at 4pm and promptly bringing it home, it is 11.22pm, and I still haven’t played anything!

It is not because I haven’t tried; there is a lot of downloading involved in getting a PS3!

First it started up and wanted to download updates, then to play a racing game, it had to download and install over 1gb of game that I thought came on the game disc I brought!

All other consoles I have used, if they have ever needed updating, either allow you to choose to update later, or it is no where as bad!

This evening was planned to be trying out all the different new games but it has been nothing of the sort!

It doesn’t help that for some reason our tv has gone insane so there is currently only the BBC channels available.

Still there has been resorting to previous gaming consoles or methods, with pc or Wii usage this evening!

How stupid is that!

I hope that nothing else long winded like this happens with this silly piece of gear. I also hope it is worth the money and the weight!

So if your getting a PS3, don’t expect to play it the same day that you have brought it, or any games there after.

Trying for a taste of role playing

Another night visiting my friends, another night of a game.

This time it was the role playing game hunters. Again midway through a game, with characters all worked out and developed. These are real role playing veterans I am playing with as well how have played together for years.

They know the games but also how each other play.

Taking on the role of Jess for an hour was not as packed full of adventure as it sounds as most of that hour was explaining to me what my character was, backstory and finally where we were in the story.

I wish we had been able to play longer so I could get more of a taste for the game however after food and putting the little one to bed, there was little evening left!

So hopefully one day I will get to try again, though I think I might find some other n00bs to play with first…


I am new to adult board games. I played the new terry Pratchett one and loved it! It was quick and fast paced to play, with a lot of thinking.

Today I have tried a more long term game called descent. It is a very complex game involving a lot of dice and numbers; coming in half way through also adds to the complexity!

I didn’t enjoy it much, other than oggling over all the figures of monsters that come with the game. Or played with the dice, seeing how many I could stack and hold with one hand.


Turns out it's 8!

There is so much going on that I fail to get my head around half of how to play! My character had ferrets which was cool, and I was playing a mage but everything else kept changing in a slow discussed manner.

I’m not a patient person, I like speed in everything from work, rides, horses and games!

My tip; don’t start mid way through on an NPC ( none player character) with a couple of venterans of the game… It’s just too confusing!

Playing LuLu

Lulu is the new support in League of Legends that has finally been released and I can’t play her!

There are two reasons for this; the first of which involves a bad wrist and a trip to the hospital and the second is because of my playing style.

Well I say playing style, more like lack of skill! This is not a support for a Newbie to the game as she does not have a heal and has a very skillful talent to play her effectively.

Having watched Purpose playing her for acouple of time, it is possible to be agressive, but the ability to carry a game is not great!

Her cute way of turning players into a squirrel is a great way of protecting yourself, but is short so blink and you’ll miss it at first. I did!

So if you like a character with alot of actions to do, is an interesting and new support, then this is the character for you! If you’re like me, struggling to do multi tasks and complex tasks with no good heal, avoid however how cute!

Shame; she is cute!

New League of Legend character Lulu!

(EDIT: if you want to know what she is like check out my other post at )

WEEEEEEELLLLLLLL NOOOOOWWWWW! In the words of the great singer “lulu”, this character does make me want to shout, and giggle and squeal!

The new character (also called Lulu) is a cute mini blue sorceress with a little faerie called Pix


Not only is this character so cute, but she at last is a support character! There are few true support characters in the Riot made game, and there has been even fewer released lately. But the reason I am looking forward to having a go with this character is the Whimsy spell which apparently in terms of actually playing is good, as it stops enermies being able to cast spells or attack. For me however it is the fact that they get turned into a cute critter!!!


I can’t wait to see what happens and playing support is my favourite thing to do! I think this is the most exciting news ever! But I am sure with the cute factor and this cool new support being available, that getting the chance to actually pick her is going to be very hard at first!

If you want to know more about her, check out the post on the league of legend website here.

I’m still scared of creepers

I am ashamed to say it, but creepers still scare the life out of me when I play minecraft.

I can’t help it, but the fact that they blow up, make a hissing noise and chase me is enough to have me wanting to hide!

It makes the game exciting but I am still terrified of them. Even playing the sound when I wasn’t playing the game puts the fear in me!

I will just have to be brave… and actually fight one one day!

So does it scare you too?

New design – Purpose gaming website

After the success of the brand creation for Purpose Gaming, today I finished the design work for the website for now.

The red and black theme has continued, with a very grungy and yet clean design that goes with the branding. It will be exciting to see if people like the new look, and will give Purpose a chance to start working on his streaming and writing again!

There is still quite a way to go before the page is finished, as Purpose now needs to work his SOE magic so more people will find it.

Why not check out the page now and tell me what you think at

Oh magicka how I missed you!

Today I finally got to play magicka for the first time since my computer exploded in May! I forgot how much I missed the game!

While league has great points about it, such as choosing a character that suits your gaming style, I love magicka’s storyline and general querky nature. I love all the bable, silly quotes and things from modern culture! But most of all I love the fact it depends on you and your friends, and not relying on strangers who sometimes troll.

Last time I played league, the whole game consisted of two players on our team trolling the whole game by purposefully getting killed by the other team. The game quickly was not fun, but 30 minutes of stress and frustration.

Magicka just involved me and purpose, high diving, giggling and being able to stop when we wanted.

Can’t wait to play some more now!

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