Because not everyone is Elite

I have grown up knowing that the internet is a mine field for any spoilers and to avoid forums because of idiot americans letting them slip. Back when I was making my way through Alias, we were watching season 2 when they were on season 4, often letting slip things that they thought everyone knew.

But as these programmes have come from these countries we have not whined and moaned about it too much and juust dealt with it. Now times are changing with BBC America becoming big in America and more and more Americans are finding the wonders of our British programmes paid for by our TV licences and now every time I am online it is just a wash of moans that we get it first or “Why can’t it be shown at the same time!”


Because you idiots it is like us moaning every time there is a new Game of Thrones and moaning why you get it a day before, or having to wait 6 months for other programmes of yours. 

While I can see how the star of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, feels he is looking out for his US fans, he is just treating his home country with no love or respect as we will not have ownership or exclusivity of our own TV shows first, even if for a day.

While many will disagree it would be like us moaning that we should have the same fuel prices and therefore you having to put your prices up by about 1000% because we are all mopey. 

So for once, avoid the forums and the internet for a bit like we have to and get over yourselves (if you are american) and realise that this is what we have to put up with constantly. Now if it does stream in the UK and US at the same time I will complain because that is our money paying for it to be actually made and by george you should finally have to wait your pretty little socks for once and behave like a decent human being.

Sorry for the rant but the red wedding got spoiled for a lot of us Brits among other things so I have lost my sympathy for US TV watchers and internet surfers.



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