Because not everyone is Elite

I can’t remember how many times I have been to MCM now but I have been going for quite a few years now with my friend Tor. I remember meeting some amazing people, breaking world records and seeing some amazing panels yet this year is different.

Queues at MCM

This year I remember crowds, crowds, more crowds and more fun gossiping in the car park. That is right, there was more fun in just gossiping with my friends in the car park as it was possible to talk and not feel squished.

So with them increasing the size of the hall every year but the crowds flocking to this geek fest, what is the future of this once incredible event? Due to the crowds and the size you can’t go to talks and see all the stands in one day!

My Little Pony cosplay at MCM

Previous years there were the likes of Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Matt Smith and David Tennant suddenly making an appearence but with the crowds it would be difficult for them to come without incident. I still love the idea of an event to go to with other geeks but no longer do you get to talk and meet so I think to SFX and wonder if this is the future?

After hearing that someone lost their eye to a sonic screwdriver last year due to two posing/dueling for photos and problems with safety, do I really want to be going somewhere that is less fun and more just a stressful shopping trip for all my geeky needs.

Will I just be stuck to buying my geeky stuff online and going to much smaller events?

Maybe! Or I’ll just stick with SFX weekender!


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