Because not everyone is Elite


I have been quite quite this year as it has been constantly busy since New Years. In the last 3 months I have had to deal with a story that went international, a new line manager causing more work than help, losing my job, my partner losing his job, interviews and having the prospect of having to move to Brighton.

It is so hard to keep up with blogging, gaming and other activities that are so easy to enjoy when your job is not on the line or when you have lost it so it is easy to see why I haven’t been blogging.

It has been a very stressful year and it looks to continue for the next few months while we move and deal with a number of family related events or commitments.

In this time of financial concern for everyone there are few jobs or opportunities so I am still struggling along with so many other young people.

What is worrying is how in 2025 we will have the flip of this where there will not be enough people for the number of jobs that will need to be filled but there will still be a lot of my age group that will have little experience.

Only recently in October I hired a Designer and there were so many applicants that applied with over 12 year of designing experience for a part time low paid design position! There were art directors for well known magazines, studio leads and designers of house hold brands for a job were they would only get £11,000 a year as an in house designer with no real progression or design respect.

That is how this is effecting the young people as they are up against highly skilled individuals who have been made redundant. I am up against these people now as I hunt for a job so you can see why I am struggling!

I only graduated from university in 2010 and I keep only seem to manage to get temporary contracts rather than a secure job like a lot of my fellow graduates. What makes it worse is how I see terrible work that others are being paid to do while I struggle to get hired.

I can’t look at the Hospiscare media any more because it makes me so annoyed with how badly some of my designs have been warped or ruined. Just before I left the charity I redesigned the art direction of the newsletter to make it more interesting and just generally well designed. The last two copies of the newsletter however have ruined the style ignoring basic yet important design rules.

So hopefully in the next few weeks, as well as moving to Brighton, I will also hopefully have myself a new job and will be able to blog again!


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